Vice President addresses statistics central committee

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Vice President U Henry Van Thio delivers the speech at the statistics central committee’s meeting 1/2018 in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. Photo: MNA

Vice President U Henry Van Thio, Chairman of the Central Committee for Accurate and High Quality Statistics, addressed the committee’s meeting held in the meeting hall of the Ministry of Planning and Finance and yesterday morning.
Present at the meeting were members of the Central Committee for Accurate and High Quality Statistics Union Ministers U Ohn Win, U Win Khaing, U Khin Maung Cho, Dr. Than Myint and U Soe Win, Deputy Ministers U Tha Oo, ministers of planning and finance of Nay Pyi Taw Council, states and regions, Central Bank of Myanmar Deputy Governor, statisticians, heads of statistical work groups implementing National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS), Permanent Secretaries, Directors General and officials. At the meeting, the Vice President said the statistical committee formed by presidential notification 7/2016 held six meetings, and now the Central Committee for Accurate and High Quality Statistics formed by Union Government notification 74/2018 with Union Ministers related to statistics participating as central committee members has become a more complete committee. It was reformed according to the Statistics Law (Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law 1/2018) enacted by the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw on 22 January.
Accurate statistics are very important for developed countries as well as developing countries. Only when the quality of the national statistics is good can the policy makers, private businesses and socio-economic researchers obtain facts to set up policies and projects that create a good economic environment. Resources can be effectively divided and monitoring of projects can be conducted. If there is a need to amend policy, better amendments can be conducted. As business persons are investing based on facts, they can properly conduct risk management.
Not having accurate and reliable data results in wrong distribution of resources as well as making wrong policies and decisions affecting much on the socio-economic development of the people. All are urged to emphasise establishing human resources, constructing a network for accurate statistics, with special emphasis placed on cooperation mechanisms and Statistics Literacy to achieve accurate statistics.
The Central Committee is tasked to set up statistical policies and basic regulations. It needs to lead in setting up, implementing and guiding NSDS. Managing, guiding and coordinating census, assessment and other statistical matters for socio-economic development are to be conducted.
The core strategies of the National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS) for drawing up and implementing Statistical Policy Briefs was approved in 2016. The State Counsellor had also advised on the importance of accurate and qualified statistics on the country and to support implementation of NSDS. In working for statistical sector development, ministries need to have horizontal cooperation as well as vertical cooperation. For horizontal cooperation, 10 work groups organised by statistical sector were formed. Relevant work groups are keeping the NSDS Action Plan as a living document and implementing it.
Relevant Union ministers also need to encourage and guide the relevant statistical work groups. Commerce ministers from state and region governments are under the central committee and at the relevant state and region levels they are forming committees for accurate statistics and good administrative records and are starting vertical cooperation.
The President urged committee members to conduct reform works systematically in his New Year message. It is important to have accurate statistics, and since the Statistics Law has been enacted, accuracy of statistics must be effectively conducted.
According to the Statistics Law, the Central Statistical Organization is the statistical authority and also supprorts the work of the committee as its secretariat. The accuracy of statistics is the basis for a country’s development and statistics need to be available, trustworthy, solid and on time. Only then can statistics reflect the present economic and social situation. The setting of practical policies that fulfill the requirements of the people could not be done without accurate and qualified statistics. It is important in searching and exposing sectors lagging in development and priority places and regions.
Accurate statistics are required for practical projects and government departments need to cooperate with private sector, research organisations, experts, civil society organisations and news media in improving the country’s statistical sector.
Accurate and qualified statistics increase trust between the government and the people and with the international community. The country needs to conduct surveys to develop the statistical sector as in other countries and administrative records of departments must be accurate, complete and include detailed information. The habit and practice considering the detailed and systematic recording of statistics as an unnecessary work need to be changed. Not only government departments, but the people, private business and organisations need to be disseminated with Statistical Literacy.
Our country is a developing country and it is important to use investment in statistics effectively. Committee members and work groups are urged to participate enthusiastically because data can be converted to policy as per the sentence “From Data to Policy” and the result of investment in statistics is huge said the Vice President. Next, Central Committee for Accurate and High Quality Statistics Vice Chairman Union Minister U Soe Win explained and discussed about accurate and high quality statistics. Afterwards, Central Committee for Accurate and High Quality Statistics secretary Central Statistical Organization Director General Dr. Wah Wah Maung explained about completed and future work of the committee and Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department Deputy Director General U Wai Lin Maung explained about the 2018 animal census work.
Union Ministers U Win Khaing, Dr. Than Myint and U Ohn Win, Deputy Minister U Tha Oo, Central Bank of Myanmar Deputy Governor U Soe Thein, Nay Pyi Taw Council member U Tin Tun, states and regions ministers of planning and finance, heads of work groups and officials discussed by relevant sectors on accurate and high quality statistics.
Finally, Chairman of the Central Committee for Accurate and High Quality Statistics Vice President U Henry Van Thio gave comments on the dicussions and provided advice to ensure coordination.

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