Vice President U Henry Van Thio asks for aid for disaster victims

Disaster Management Committee to spend Ks22 billion on rehabilitation

The National Disaster Management Committee is seeking approval from the Union Government to spend more than Ks22 billion on rehabilitation and resettlement.
The remarks made by Vice President U Henry Van Thio in his address to the meeting of the committee in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday came 17 days after a crowded ferry capsized in the Chindwin River in upper Myanmar on 15th October, killing more than 70 passengers.
“Besides natural disasters, loss of travelers’ lives in a boat capsize in Sagaing Region last month was caused by negligence of authorities concerned. Similar cases were found in Rakhine and Ayeyawady regions, where the local populace mostly rely on water routes. These incidents should not happen in the future,” said the Vice President.
According to an overall analysis of natural disasters that occurred in 2016, water shortage problems connected with El Nino were solved by the Ministry and the related ministries to support the people.
Vice President U Henry Van Thio has also urged the authorities concerned to conserve and discover water resources for long-term use, pointing out other disasters such as hailstones and strong winds which have caused much destruction countrywide.
In addition, more storm-proof dwellings need to be constructed, he said. Moreover, we found that local societies took part in giving aid to flood victims and to the local populace who are needed in agricultural sectors.”
“Under sections contained in chapter 7 of law on management funds for natural disasters, arrangements (exist) as to opening accounts, drafting financial rules, management of funds in accord with rules and regulations,” said the Vice President.
Committee officials said the effort would require nationwide cooperation.
“Today, countries across the world are facing erratic climate changes. There are two categories of disaster natural disasters and manmade disasters. The former includes wind storms, floods, earthquakes, landslides, wild fires, tsunamis and smog, with the latter including technological and industrial accidents and security-related accidents. The whole nation should take part in a 4-level management system—prevention, preparedness, emergency response and resettlement”, said Lt Gen Kyaw Swe, Union Minister and vice-chairman of the committee.
In concluding remarks, U Henry Van Thio urged the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forests and related ministries to consider the increase in alluvial deposits in rivers due to deforestation and mineral mining as a national concern because it has caused the level of rivers and creeks to rise, causing floods during the rainy season. —Myanmar News Agency

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