Vice President U Henry Van Thio delivers speech on International Migrants Day

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Vice President U Henry Van Thio delivers a speech at the ceremony to mark the International Migrants Day 2016 in Nay Pyi Taw.

Vice President U Henry Van Thio delivered a speech on International Migrants Day 2016 at the International Convention Centre (2) in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
In his speech, the Vice President said that the number of migrant workers has been increasing day by day due to people in search of job opportunities as a result of globalization, economic development of individual countries, better job opportunities and the gap between different social strata.
It is necessary for world countries to try to achieve international positive outcomes by fully abiding by the human rights of migrants and sharing responsibilities of countries of origin, medium countries and destination countries, the Vice President pointed out.
Boat people are neither political asylum seekers nor refugees but victims of human trafficking, and Myanmar has been providing humanitarian assistance to them by providing shelter, food and healthcare before sending them back properly to their countries of origin, according to the Vice President.
He continued that remittances from Myanmar migrant workers in other countries contribute to the economic development of the country while the workers bring back many benefits upon their return like reapplication of skills and knowledge gained abroad, capacity building of local workers, reduction of poverty by creating job opportunities at home and higher levels of socioeconomic status.
It is necessary for countries to use safe and lawful management practices and embrace collaboration, the Vice President said. Myanmar is cooperating with regional countries so that Myanmar migrant workers can enjoy their rights, protection and safety, he said.
The Vice President pointed out that countries of origin of migrant workers, governments of countries that receive them, labour organizations, employer organizations and civil society groups all need to find out ways to solve problems facing migrant workers in order to implement the goals and policies of the ASEAN Declaration of the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers.
In conclusion, the Vice President said that safe and secure migration depends not only on governments but also on individual knowledge and protection provided by society. He urged all to help migrant workers by recognizing their courage, perseverance and dreams and to encourage them to create a prosperous world and to bring benefits to the host countries.
After VP’s speech, Union Minister for Labour, Immigration and Population U Thein Swe explained the measures taken for migrant workers.
Later, Mr Kieran Gormen-Best, Chief of Mission of The International Organization for Migration (IOM), read out the message of the United Nations Secretary-General and the Director-General of the
IOM for the event.
Afterwards, the Union Minister presented certificates of honour to donors who helped with the repatriation of detained Myanmar nationals from 11 camps in Malaysia to Myanmar.
After the ceremony, the Vice President posed for documentary photos with guests and went round the exhibition booths
to look at what was being exhibited.
The ceremony was attended by Union Minister Lt-Gen Sein Win, Dr Myint Htwe, Ministers from State/Region governments, Hluttaw representatives, the UN and INGOs and the media.
The event was organized with the aim of making aware of the endeavors of the Union Government to protect the rights of Myanmar migrant workers abroad, promoting the rights of migrant workers and positive outcomes, helping migrant workers by dissemination of knowledge to them and raising the social status of families of migrant workers.
Myanmar has been the 147th member country of the IOM 2012 and this is the fifth time Myanmar has held the annual event.

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