Vice President U Henry Van Thio inspects development sectors in Tiddim, Tonzang townships

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Vice President U Henry Van Thio inspects construciton of high school in Tiddim Township on 13 August. PHOTO: MNA

Vice President U Henry Van Thio, who was in Chin State, went yesterday morning, to the construction sites of San Kite school building of No (1) B.E.H.S in Tiddim, Cyclone Shelter, 25-bedded hospital and Var Bridge (2) in Tonzang . The Vice President firstly inspected the completion of San Kite school building of No (1) B.E.H.S in Tiddim together with Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Chin State Chief Minister Salai Lian Luai, Deputy Ministers and other officials and Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi and Headmaster U Im Khan Mone explained the operation of school building. The Vice President met town elders of Tiddim at the school and attended the ceremony of issuing national scrutinity cards under “Thitsa Project”. The 2020 Multiparty General Election will be held on 8 November, said the Vice President, adding working plans in the relevant regions and states not to lose voting rights of all eligible voters and to cast their votes, concerted efforts of relevant sub-election commission, General Administration Department and Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, announcement of voter lists at the relevant wards and villages, some requirements in the released voter lists and importance of correct voter lists.
In order not to lose voting rights, the relevant region, state, district and township offices under the Department of Immigration and Department of Population also conduct field projects regarding official household lists and ID cards which are the needs of ordinary migrants and temporary migrants under Thitsa Project and the Chin State General Administrative Department, Election Commission, Department of Immigration and Population and other officials should keep cooperating in unity, he added. Chin State Chief Minister Salai Lian Luai, Speaker of Chin State Hluttaw U Zo Bawi and Deputy Minister of Labour, Immigration and Population U Myint Kyaing presented the ID cards to the local residents.
During the second section of ceremony, the Vice President explained his inspection trip to Chin State where is difficult to get one place to another during rainy season, Myanmar ranks at a certain level out of the world countries to control the COVID-19 pandemic because of the concerted efforts of the government, civil service, organizations and the citizens. He also expressed hope that the government and the public will strongly overcome any disaster together in unity and instructed to follow the health guidelines released by the Ministry of Health and Sports.
It is important not to lose the voting rights of eligible voters in upcoming election on November 8, since every person over the age of 18 gets the opportunity only once in every five years, it is necessary to ensure that the eligible voters do not lose their votes, the relevant departments should urge the people to go and check the voters lists whether their names are in the lists and all must cooperate to cast the votes systematically in line with the laws, rules, procedures, regulations and directives.
Tiddim town elder U Khin Swin Mone discussed designation of Tiddim as district town, water access from 18 miles for water security, upgrading 100-bedded hospital into 200-bedded hospital, receiving electricity from the national grid, opening school of science and technology and construction of township-level hall and Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Chin State Chief Minister Salai Lian Luai, Deputy Ministers U Tin Myint and U Khin Maung Win and Director General U Soe Oo joined the discussion.
The Vice President presented cash assistance to volunteer group of Tiddim that participated in fight against of COVID-19.
The Vice President and party arrived at a silk farm in Tonzang Township and farm manager U Harain Htaung Htang explained the detail of the farm.
The Vice President inspected the construction of multi-purpose cyclone shelter and Township Administrator Salai Htaung explained the facilities.
Chin State Chief Minister U Salai Lian Luai , Chin State Minister U Paung Lon Min Htan and Director-General U Win Naing Tun explained the completion status of the multi-purpose cyclone shelter, status of completed cyclone shelters and related work in cyclone shelters, completion of disaster prevention work funded by the National Natural Disaster Management Committee, construction works for war victims and the submission of the work to be carried out to the National Natural Disaster Management Committee and the Vice President asked what he wanted to know.
The multi-purpose cyclone shelter is 60 feet long and 70 feet wide and was built with K224 million.

Vice President U Henry Van Thio and party visit construction site of public hospital in Tonzang Township on 13 August. PHOTO: MNA
Vice President U Henry Van Thio and party visit construction site of public hospital in Tonzang Township on 13 August. PHOTO: MNA

During the meeting with Mayors of Tonzang Township at the Township’s General Administration Department, the Vice President said that the government was fulfilling the requirements of the township and that he came to inspect the implementation and know the requirements to be fulfilled. He also said that the township was located near the border area of Chin State, the focus is on development needs more than other areas.
The Vice President thanked those who involved in protection and control of COVID-19 and urged to cooperate in the preventive measures of the disease. The Vice President urged the people to cooperate with the responsible persons of the department in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Union Election Commission for the successful convening of internationally recognized election and to ensure that the voters lists for the upcoming election are accurate and those who have the right to vote do not lose their right to vote. Town elder U Gin Swin Mone explained the local development needs of drinking water and electricity and the Chief Minister, Deputy Minister U Khin Maung Win and Director-General U Soe Oo discussed. The Vice President presented the cash assistance to the charity workers and volunteers who cooperated during the COVID-19 period.
The Vice President inspected the construction of two-storey extension ward with operating room and maternity ward at the 25-bedded General Hospital and Township Health Officer Dr Aung Ngway San explained the construction of the building. The building is 95 feet long and 50 feet wide and it costs 472.36 million kyats.
The Vice President arrived the construction site of Var Bridge which across the Manipur River and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Construction U Shwe Lay and Chief Engineer of the Department of Bridges explained the situation of the bridge. Var Bridge No. 2 is 557.77 feet long, 30 feet wide and 9.843 feet high. It is a truss bridge type and is being built at a cost of K4.050 billion.
Var Bridge No.1 was temporarily closed due to the flooding of the Manipur River during Cyclone Koman in 2015. If the river level rises more, it will be dangerous for the Var Bridge and due to possible communication loss of Kalay-Falan-Hakha Road, the construction of Var Bridge No.2 is underway.—MNA (Translated by Khine Thazin Han and Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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