Vice President U Henry Van Thio visits PyinOoLwin

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Vice President U Henry Van Thio visits office of Immigration and National Registration Department.

Vice President U Henry Van Thio visited and inspected the Dhoe Kwin coffee mill and other private coffee plantations and also inspected the implementation status of the New Yadanabon City in Pyin Oo Lwin yesterday morning.
U Ye Myint, Chairman of Myanmar Coffee Association (MCA) explained to the delegation led by U Henery Ven Thio in the reception hall of the mill how the MCA was founded and achievement of market share, how they were doing quality control, marketing, exporting to other countries and cooperating with foreign partner organizations.
Next, U Henry Van Thio, in his capacity as a Head of the Leading Committee for Farmers Rights, Protection and Interests Promotion, looked around the quality testing of the coffee beans, grinding of the coffee bean samples and coffee fruits by machines, storing of the coffee beans in the warehouse and drying of the coffee beans by drying machine in the mill.
After that, the delegation led by the Vice President visited the coffee garden of Pwint Kaung and Khin Nwe Yi Co., Ltd. and manager of the garden explained about planting of the coffee fruits, annual yield of coffee fruits from the garden , growing of multiple crops, market conditions and better quality accessing methods.
During the visit of the Vice President to the coffee plantations, he said planting of coffee could not only provide better weather conditions but also aid in getting more foreign income to the country; for that reason it was necessary to upgrade and maintain the quality of coffee products by drawing up systematic schemes.
It is known that, the quality of PyinOoLwin coffee meets the world standard and 19,000 acres of coffee plants had been planted around PyinOoLwin Township.
Later, U Henry Van Thio and party visited the National Kandawgyi Botanical Garden, the fossil museum and saw many species of plants and flowers of the garden by vehicles.
Next, the Vice President visited the Public Service Office where he delivered a talk saying that Public Service Offices have been opened all round Myanmar and instructed public service personnel of the office to be dutiful, to provide effective service to the public, to gain their confidence and trust and not to get involved in bribery and corruption.
After that, the delegation also visited the New Yadanabon City planning area and looked around the complex of the city by vehicles. When they arrived at the main building of the Yadanabon Teleport, U Aung Kyaw Oo, Director of Urban and Housing Development Department explained about the aims of the project, payment of compensation for the confiscated lands, how land has been allocated to the IT companies, the proposed Master Plan, the acreage allotment for various phases of the plan, and other details of the plan. Then a representative of the entrepreneurs explained about difficulties they were encountering.

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