Vice President U Nyan Tun hails arts competition as vital to preserving culture

Vice President U Nyan Tun delivers speech at opening ceremony of 21st Traditional Performing Arts Competition of National Races of Myanmar.—MNA
Vice President U Nyan Tun delivers speech at opening ceremony of 21st Traditional Performing Arts Competition of National Races of Myanmar.—MNA

Nay Pyi Taw, 7 May — Vice President U Nyan Tun delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the 21st Traditional Performing Arts Competition of National Races of Myanmar on Thursday in Nay Pyi Taw.
The competition at Myanmar International Convention Centre-2 aims to promote national spirit among all of the country’s people and help preserve national cultural characteristics and heritage through fine arts.
The ceremony was attended by union ministers, deputy ministers, members of the organizing committee and sub-committees, team managers, contestants and enthusiasts of Myanmar culture.
Organizing committee chairman, Union Minister U Aye Myint Kyu, explained the arrangements for the competition.
In his speech at the ceremony, patron of the leading committee Vice President U Nyan Tun said the government every year organizes the competition of traditional cultural music, dance and song-composing because such cultural aspects must be preserved alongside the territorial integrity of the nation.
Various national races have been living side by side in Myanmar for eons and have been building the union with solidarity which, like water, cannot be divided, according to the vice president.
Although there are slight differences in language, cultures and arts, all share the basic common principles of helping one another, empathy, respect and unity, the vice president added.
The word culture is now being widely used not only in the field of traditions, customs and fine arts but also in the field of politics, economics, education and social relationships, as daily social affairs from the cradle to the tomb are related to cultural traditions and morals, the vice president explained.
The vice president continued to say that cultural standards of a race are made up of traditions of food, clothing, behaviour and speech.
As cultural standards of countries are not identical, it is impossible to coercively unify and compare different cultures, as attempting to do so may result in cultural clashes, undermining weaker cultures, the vice president pointed out.
As Myanmar nationals appreciate the cultures of others and while loving their own, they have exerted efforts to promote, preserve and protect their cultural heritages, the vice president said.
The fine arts competition is also a festival to preserve cultural traditions of national races, sharing talents of older generations with younger ones, the vice president said.
The traditional Myanmar dance of Kabyalut has been introduced to the competition this year and traditional dances and rural local dances of other national races will also be invited to participate in the competition, the vice president said.
In conclusion, the vice president said he was proud of those who preserve traditions and cultures of the nation including artists who hand down traditions and culture to new generations.
The categories of the competition include amateur (first class), amateur (second class), higher education level and two basic education levels.—MNA

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