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Vice-Senior General Soe Win comforts Tatmadaw members, local people receiving treatments at Bahtoo military hospital

MZO 8765Eng p12

Vice-Senior General Soe Win is encouraging the patients at the Bahtoo military hospital yesterday.

Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win cordially comforted Tatmadaw members, families and local people who receive medical treatments at the military hospital in Bahtoo Tatmyo yesterday.
At the meeting hall of the hospital, the commandant reported to the Vice-Senior General on medical treatments to Tatmadaw members and local people. The Vice-Senior General attended to the needs.
In meeting with Tatmadaw members and local people receiving medical treatments, the Vice-Senior General asked about their health conditions and presented foodstuffs. The Vice-Senior General inspected kitchen halls, medical wards and officer Yeiktha.
Daw Than Than Nwe, wife of the Vice-Senior General, and party also comforted families of Tatmadaw members and local people at the female medical ward and presented foodstuffs.
The military hospital admitted 417 outpatients and 359 inpatients and performed surgical giving birth to 50 pregnant women and ordinary giving birth to 53 pregnant women, totalling 103 from February 2021 to date.
At the mess hall of Warrant Officer and Non-Commissioned Officer School, the Vice-Senior General and the party had lunch together with trainees. Then, they viewed seasonal crops plantation, banana plantations, dairy cow farm and pig farm.
At the meeting hall of the three-storeyed lecture hall of the Defence Services (Army) Combat Forces School (Bahtoo), commandants of training schools in Bahtoo station reported to the Vice-Senior General on training sessions of the schools and military building measures. The Vice-Senior General instructed them to give advanced lectures in line with the development of military tactics, review the lessons for weak points of respective subjects and conduct refresher courses. The Vice-Senior General inspected lecturing to officer trainees at the infantry platoon commander course.—MNA

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