Vietnamese Buddhist Association presents donations to 50 monasteries in Bagan-NyaungU of Mandalay Region

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Donations from Viet Nam Buddhist association to members of the Sangha in progress.

An association of Buddhists from Viet Nam on 1 March launched a donation ceremony dedicating to eradication of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Donations were made to 50 monasteries in the Bagan-NyaungU area, including Yadanabonsan Tawya Dhamma Yeiktha Monastery in Bagan.
First, the Vietnamese Buddhist Association observed the Five Precepts from monks.
The members of Sangha recited Radana Sutta and Metta Sutta to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pandemics around the world.
The donors then shared their merits gained.
Foodstuffs, medical products and cash for nine prerequisites were donated to 50 monasteries in the Bagan-NyaungU area.
“Buddhist from Viet Nam came here and donated alms to 45 monasteries and five Buddhist Learning Centres in the Bagan-NyaungU area to protect the world from the scourge of COVID-19 and other pandemics,” said Sayadaw U Sagara, Patron of the Yadanabonsan Tawya Dhamma Yeiktha Monastery.
“Most importantly, the monks and nuns in Myanmar want to protect the people of the world from the pandemic. It is also a charitable donation to receive the compassion of the monks. The donor association comes to Myanmar every year for doing such donations. This is the third time they have donated in Bagan-NyaungU. Yesterday, donations were made to 50 monasteries, including the one in old Bagan city and the one in new Bagan city. Fifty monks will receive the offerings at my monastery,” Sayadaw U Sagara added. — Ye Win Naing (NyaungU)/GNLM

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