Visitor numbers up at Maha Muni Buddha Image in Mandalay

3(1)Mandalay, 17 Nov —The number of visitors to the Maha Muni Buddha Image in Mandalay has hit a new record in 2014.
From January to October, 3,638,641 local people visited the Buddha image, more than double the 1,282,281 who visited from January to October last year. Likewise, a total of 55,952 foreigners visited the image from January to October 2014, up 6,799 from the 49,153 who visited in the same period last year. Thanks to the rising number of visitors, the pagoda board of trustees could sell a larger number of gold foils, with about 4,300 pieces of gold per month being sold so far this year. The board of trustees accepted K1.5 million donations per day from visitors last year. This year, daily donation rose to over K2 million.
Since 2013, the pagoda board of trustees has not collected an entrance fee from foreigners but levies a fee of 1 US dollar per camera (or) K1,000. Most of the foreign tourists come from Southeast Asian countries and visit the image to view the round bronze statues and historical paintings and photograph them.

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