Vocational Education needed for the country’s future


By Nyi Myitta (Amarapura)

The proportion of skilled workers to engineers in Myanmar is in reverse order. It is reported that the numbers of skilled workers has decreased in our country. The scarcity of workers with vocational qualifications hurts the development of the country.
For instance, the building of a new town needs roads, bridges, electricity and infrastructure; for all these purposes fifty to hundred engineers are reasonably enough. Skilled workers for overhead and underground utilities, and also for roads and bridges are greatly in need. Masons, carpenters and workers for ironwork are required for construction of buildings. Laying of water pipes, decorations of rooms and parlors and skilled workers for furniture will need thousands of workers.
If we plan to build a new town, more skilled workers are needed. More engineers do not mean that it is an easy way of creating new town. More skilled workers could go without a hitch for development and growth of a new town. Vocational qualifications are guaranteed for a young man for his future. Nowadays, most parents believe that their children should possess a degree or diploma for the smart career for their living. If a youth possesses some kinds of vocational qualifications, he could manage to steer his life in future undertakings.
Parents and their children should weigh in intentions of possessing degrees or diplomas for their careers. Let’s say, a 60-year-old widow has got three children: the eldest son studies at grade-9 , the middle daughter at 7th grade and the youngest son at 4th grade. It is certain that she will have to struggle for a means of livelihood. In that situation, she will have to take tuition fees and her incomes into consideration for a continuation of education for her children. In that context, parents and their children are advised to forget about degrees or diplomas. For her eldest son, it will take five years to get a degree and a lot of money will have to spend to support him, let alone his younger sister and brother. Once he’s got a degree, no guarantee for a suitable job. There are a lot of graduates who have to work on trishaws, as street vendors or do odd jobs.Under these circumstances, one should not try to get a degree or a diploma or would rather seek vocational trainings.
Skills need for their jobs Parents are required to take into consideration for gaining a degree or vocational qualifications for their offsprings. Nowadays, graduates will have to apply for their jobs with resume describing experiences of at least 2-3 years relating to their respective jobs; these descriptions are tantamount to the required skills. Celebrities of stage and screen, businessmen, land-or homeowners cannot be granted as graduates; maybe non-graduates are included. One thing is certain: be it graduates or non-graduates, they have to concentrate on their work with their technical expertise. Only then do they succeed in their respective businesses.
Ironically, the most successful men and women are neither graduates nor persons with formal education. It does not mean that I regards graduates as worthless and no respect. Their efforts for education are highly valued for time-consuming and at great expense. What the author wants to point out is we should pursue education in accordance with our needs and from a position of financial strength.
Graduates will be neither prosperous nor progressive without efforts. Let’s have a look at the sporting events: tall boys and girls are suitable for volleyball and basketball and short and stout ones are put at swimming and track and field events so that they could bring success at the peak of their careers. Graduates are neither prosperous nor progressive without exerting great efforts. If vocational trainings are given to youths of eight or nine grades, they are under proper guidance and no worries are needed for the ruins of their careers. Unemployed youths usually become more ruinous than the employed ones. Once engaged in their work, they have to deal with friends and colleagues.
Every work has its own merit. Every work is worth doing for it has its own merit. Never underestimate the vocational education and qualifications. Many workers with manual and artistic skills are greatly in need of developing countries. In that context, our country has already opened many technical and vocational schools in the Regions and the States.
In conclusion, by understanding the value of vocational education, youths of today can hope for a guarantee of career success and fulfill the requirements of technicians and experts in the country so that they enjoy working in workplaces to take care of their livelihood.
Translated by Arakan Sein

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