Voice from U Sai Aung Kyaw of the SNLD, elected representative from Kehsi Constituency in the 2017-by election

U Sai Aung Kyaw.

I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to fulfill the people’s interests and wishes. Of the 55,000 eligible voters, 26,674 cast their votes. This is because there is little knowledge and value for the importance of a vote, and elderly people don’t want to travel the 4-5 mile trip to the voting booth.
I believe they voted for us because they trust the policy of our political party and the skills of the elected representative. Moving forward as a representative of the people, we will have to do all in our power to fulfill the wishes submitted by the people.
What this region sorely needs is catching up with modern times and developing thinking skills.
We are political allies, so I believe they will strive for the benefit of the country in their own way. I feel satisfied and would like to thank everyone who supported me thus far. —Keshi (IPRD)

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