Voices coming from a sanctuary-like shelter

A displaced woman receives physical examination.
A displaced woman receives physical examination.

Before we recognized, it reached one month and several days that October 9 violent armed attack happened in northern Rakhine State.
Under the leadership of Union Government and Rakhine State Cabinet, Tatmadaw and Myanmar Police Force are performing duties in accord with the law, rules and regulations for the security and development of the area, arresting and investigating those involved in the attack.
Malikha speed boat which left Sittwe at 7 a.m reached Buthitaung at noon, and we called at 50-bed hospital of Buthitaung township to collect tidings before proceeding to our final destination, Maungtaw township. Dr Aung Naing Lin, civil assistant surgeon said, “The hospital comprises 5 assistant surgeons including the medical superintendent and 15 nurses. There are 11 patients in the new 50-bed hospital and 11 patients in the OG ward of 25-bed hospitals receiving medical treatment. About 40 outdoor patients are expected to come daily. For now, in the hospital are patients with common infections. Regardless of race and religion, we are giving patients treatments without discrimination. As there is almost no cases of snake-bite in the region, we have no anti-venom injection here, no need to do so. Cases of dengue also did not happen to us this year, with some cases in Minbya.”
Buthitaung township has a population of 345262 in all, with 22251 in urban area and 323011 in rural area. According to the statistics, 10620 are children under 1-year age, 55615 under five, 114164 under 15. For the populace, 2 station hospitals, 32 rural health care centres are giving medical treatment. A patient at the OG ward, said “I am here to have a baby delivered. Due date for the delivery is over, so I must undergo the process of caesarean operation. Living here is convenient for us. Drugs were also given out free of charge.” Dr Khin Thu Zar said, “Expectant mothers lack medical knowledge and they come late to the hospitals. Patients going to discharge from the hospital were explained as much as possible, as to why difficulties occurred to them. As regards the public health care, Dr Than Tun Kyaw, head of township health department provides health education.”
U Tin Hlaing of 7 ward of Buthitaung township, currently in the hospital, said “I am eking out my living as an errand worker—coolie and trishaw-man. Now I am feeling better, but my limbs are still trembling a little bit. It favors me to cost me not much. Some drugs that are not available here were bought from drug shops. Doctors also make regular round checks.”
Mohammed Zaw Kawria of Pho Khaung Chaung village, Buthitaung township said, “My son aged only 4 fell down from a tree, breaking his arm. Now we arrived here for 3 days, provided necessary treatment and drugs free of charge. Some had to be purchased from outside. After the attack, no problems happened in our village whereas schools are still closed. I grow paddy and run a business of fish breeding pond under the lease from others. It is convenient for me in all.”
Daw Khin Htwe of Buthitaung said, “I have given birth to a baby three days ago. This time as well I had a caesarean operation made. Due to former stitches, I was not allowed yet to discharge. The first caesarean was made in Bahosi Hospital, with the present one in this hospital. All are convenient and we were granted FOC.”
Daw Khin Thu Zar said, “Cleft lip patients’ cases are not known between 4 and 8 weeks of gestation. Some did not know they were pregnant and they used any kinds of medicine. Their lack of knowledge can be said to be attributed to the cleft lip cases. The ministry of health is providing 90 percent of necessary amount of medicine.”
Buthitaung sees sellers, pedestrians and students going about the town, seeming to be revitalized again as a sign of peace and stability.


Ko Thet (Reporters from the Myanmar News Agency also contributed to the feature.)

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