Volunteer Alice Le Roux at the Sonne International Day Care Center in South Dagon, Yangon

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Alice and her students
Alice Le Roux  volunteers by teaching English to vulnerable children from age 6 through 14  in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Yangon at the Sonne International day care center.  Alice Le Roux is an American High Schooler from Spruce Creek High School living in Ormond Beach Florida, USA.
Alice said “ Each child has it’s own story. It’s really heartbreaking that these kids can’t get a formal education. Their lives are packed with extreme hardship and struggle. They are on a survival mode every day and at their very young age, they are obligated to work to support their family. Although I am  teaching them, they are the ones who are really teaching me through their life experiences’” 
Sonne International is an Austrian aid organization that cares for children, women, disadvantaged population groups and minorities. Alice Le Roux / Spruce Creek High School / Ormond Beach / Florida
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