Volunteers are our angels of hope during ongoing COVID-19 crisis

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In this time of COVID-19 crisis in Rakhine State’s Sittwe, health professionals and heal care workers who arrived Sittwe yesterday to provide their voluntary services to fighting the COVID-19 outbreak is like a breath of fresh of air in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who volunteer to address the current health care crisis deserve our admiration and our thanks. Now is the right time for volunteer doctors and nurses to contribute their professional expertise to the country, and to be a part of this noble mission to serve the country. However, health workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are going to need more than masks, gowns and face shields to protect themselves in the struggle to save so many of us.
They are also going to need replacements — volunteer health workers willing to come off the bench and relieve those who’ve grown exhausted, overworked or sadly, infected.
We’re facing an all-hands-on-deck moment unlike any in our history. To win the war against the spread of COVID-19 in our country, we need to mobilize faster than before to win the battle against the disease. Hence, the Union Government has been inviting volunteers since the outbreak started in our country to take part in community-based facility quarantine services ,which require assistance from well-trained volunteers. We will need additional medical workers to deploy in Sittwe to replace those in the medical workforce who need relief as the locally transmitted cases is expected to surge. In this time of crisis, it is a welcome step that the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement and Development in Rakhine State : UEHRD’s health care task force will join hands with the Ministry of Health and Sports and will provide assistance to hospital facility and to health care volunteers effectively after studying the needs of the volunteers.
Hence, we encourage every who can to volunteer. Volunteers include recent retirees, health care professionals who can take a break from their regular jobs and individuals with health care backgrounds. We appeal to such doctors to come forward at this hour of need. In this time of crisis in our community, we are looking forward to you, the volunteer doctors, sharing the burden before it overwhelms the available doctors in the public health system.

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