Voting is the right for all eligible citizens

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Equality is the basic principle of a democratic society, and participating in elections and voting are the rights of all eligible citizens of a democratic country. All citizens above the age of 18 are eligible to vote.
The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population has a responsibility to issue citizenship scrutiny cards to every eligible citizen, because proof of citizenship is required to determine whether a citizen is eligible to vote in general elections.
In this regard, to ensure voting rights to Myanmar nationals at home, as well as our citizens in foreign countries, the ministry is working with Myanmar embassies in foreign countries.
Our people, for their part, are also obliged to check their personal data to determine whether their cards are filled with correct data. Only then can officials re-issue the cards again before election day with the correct data.
It is worth noting that the ministry issued the citizenship scrutiny cards to over 350,00 people aged 10 years old and 18 years old and above in 2020.
Issuing the citizenship scrutiny cards is still a top priority for the ministry and also a national duty for it. Hence, a work plan should be drawn up systematically to ensure the mission is completed in a timely manner.
Besides, issuing the citizenship scrutiny cards is a test of perseverance of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, especially in this period as the 2020 general elections is slated to be held on 8th November.
To make the electoral process smooth, the members of the sub-commissions and the UEC need to ensure they provide information and documents to the people from all sectors and to raise awareness about the voters’ list.
It is the duty of relevant sub-commissions to ensure the list is kept up to date.
To get accurate voters’ list, the people also need to cooperate with relevant sub-commissions and local authorities by checking the voter’s list when they are put up to correct any errors, file complaints or make requests.
Meanwhile, political parties are also obliged to make sure their constituents fully understand that they are only capable of voting if their name is on the voter’s list and to assist them in reviewing the list.
We want every eligible citizen to be able to vote, and we want registration to be easy but accurate.

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