VP U Henry Van Thio attends stake-driving ceremony for All Chin Society-Yangon Community Hall

Vice President U Henry Van Thio unveils the ACSY logo and founding member memorial at the stake-driving for constructing a community hall at the All Chin Society-Yangon (ACSY).  Photo: mna
Vice President U Henry Van Thio unveils the ACSY logo and founding member memorial at the stake-driving for constructing a community hall at the All Chin Society-Yangon (ACSY).  Photo: MNA

The stake-driving ceremony for constructing a community hall in the compound of the All Chin Society-Yangon (ACSY) in Ward 15 of Dagon Myothit East Township, Yangon, was held at 10 am yesterday.
Firstly, Rev Dr Yawl Bway gave blessings and Vice President U Henry Van Thio delivered a speech.
In his speech, the Vice President said the ACSY was formed with the aim of unifying the Chin nationals on future paths. He said Chin leaders held a meeting for the first time at Novotel Hotel on 10 May 2016 and held a congratulatory ceremony for him and the Chin State Chief Minister on 29 May. The Vice President said he gave directions to create a unified costume for all ethnic Chin after the meeting so as to promote unity and solidarity. He said he is delighted that the idea has come to fruition and thanked everyone involved. He said this unified costume will unite Chin nationals and from there also assist in uniting all Union nationals.
The Vice President said the Committee for Creating a Unified Chin National Costume tried to form the All Chin Society-Yangon from the meeting held on 29 January 2017 for the social affairs of Chin nationals living in Yangon Region and received Registration Certificate No.1/Domestic/0537 from the Ministry of Home Affairs on 19 September 2017. He added that the ACSY was formed with four missions; to promote friendly relations and unity among the Chin nationals, to preserve and elevate Chin literature, traditions, culture and customs and raise national spirit, enable individuals and groups to cooperate in social affairs of Chin nationals, and to enable Chin youths to have well-rounded education.
He added further that the formation of this group with good intentions will provide help to Chin nationals facing difficult living conditions in Yangon Region and provide medical care to those who need it. He said it will also fulfill the health requirements of Chin nationals within and outside of Chin State, assistance in social affairs, accommodation for unexpected arrivals in Chin State, sanctuary for those facing hardships, and the use of the main hall for special celebrations and other social affairs.
The Vice President said that while the ACSY is formed with all 53 Chin ethnic races to facilitate support and assistance among each other, it must also work towards increasing relations with other ethnic races within this same nation.
He then thanked the Ministry of Home Affairs for permitting the formation of ACSY, the Yangon Region cabinet, Chin State cabinet, donors, assistance from all sides, and officials from ACSY for the compound and construction of the building.

Vice President U Henry Van Thio delivers the address at the stake driving ceremony for constructing a community hall at the All Chin Society-Yangon (ACSY).  Photo: MNA

The Vice President concluded his speech by wishing for the successful completion of the ACSY building, the group’s sustainability and carrying benefits for the nation and its people. Next, Dr Win Myat Aye and ACSY Chairman U Lian Kyone Hnone delivered speeches and Finance Officer Peter Ngun Za Kyone explained about the formation of the ACSY, building construction matters and the ACSY logo.
Afterwards, the stake-driving ceremony commenced with the Vice President, Union Minister, Deputy Minister, Regional Minister, Deputy Mayor, ACSY Chairman and treasury driving the stakes into the ground at their assigned positions. They then sprinkled scented water and Bishop Dr Andrew Mahn Lone said prayers.
This was followed by the unveiling of the ACSY logo and founding member memorial where Rev Dr Vaughn Khant Paung said prayers and the Vice President unveiled the memorial, sprinkled scented water on it and then took a documentary photo with everyone.
The ACSY compound in Yangon will have a two-storeyed building as an office for township and ethnic race affairs groups, a three-storeyed building for the ACSY office, museum, meeting hall and rooms for patients and other purposes, an auditorium big enough for 15,000 people with a parking lot on the ground floor, and a six-storeyed building to accommodate Chin nationals visiting Yangon.
Those present at the ceremony were Vice President U Henry Van Thio and wife Dr Shwe Hlwun, Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr Win Myat Aye, Deputy Minister for Office of the Union Government U Tin Myint, Yangon Region Minister for Social Affairs U Naing Ngan Linn, the Deputy Mayor, Hluttaw representatives, department officials, the ACSY Chairman, members of Chin social organizations and Chin residents of Yangon.—MNA (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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