VP U Henry Van Thio inspects regional development works in Kanpetlet & Mindat

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Vice President Henry Van Thio meets with locals at Zalattwa Hall. Photo:MNA

Vice President U Henry Van Thio inspected the regional development works in Kanpetlet and Mindat on February 26.
Accompanied by Union Ministers U Thant Zin Maung and U Win Khaing, Deputy Ministers Brigadier-General Than Htut and Dr Win Naing the Vice President left Nay Pyi Taw for Bagan-Nyaung U airport by air. Then the Vice President, accompanied by Chin State Cabinet’s Chief Minister left for Chin State, arriving at Kanpetlet.
Afterwards, the Vice President arrived at the 25-bed township hospital in Kanpetlet, inspecting the wards for treatment in the campus and construction site for the extended hospital and providing subsidy to patients.
Then, the Vice President and party inspected the arrangements being made for community-based tourism work in Sawlaung village and construction of typical Chin lodging houses. Sawlaung village is situated one mile from Kanpetlet and CBT (Community Based Tourism) was inaugurated on 3rd January 3 2017 by the Forever Top Company and the villagers.
80% of CBT’s income will be used for the development of the village and other needs of the villagers, with 20% of the total income to be taken by the investor.
CBT lodges include 6 solo-type buildings in which 12 guests can be accommodated at one time, and one dining hall.
From there, the Vice President proceeded to the Basic Education High School of Kanpetlet, meeting with the locals at the Zalattwa Hall to explain about development work for the region being implemented by the State, followed by presentation of the needs for regional development from town elder U Mya Moung and U Kwee Htan, Chin State Hluttaw representative.
Concerning matters on communications, telecommunications, health, border-area development, power supply, upgrading schools and gymnasium, tourism industry development and conducting training courses for tourism that are basically of great importance, in the State were explained respectively by officials according to sectors about the programmes to be provided.
Then, the Vice President presented the donation money amounting to 100 Lakh Kyats donated by the Ministry of Border Affairs for the development of Kanpetlet, to the township administer. Following that, Brig-Gen Than Htut, Deputy Minister gave aid supplies and solar panels for the village donated by the Ministry of Border Affairs to the chairman of township development committee.
In the afternoon,  the Vice President and party visited Nat Ma Taung National Park designated as the ASEAN Heritage Park. Nat Ma Taung is situated at 10500 feet above the sea-level. It is surrounded by hills and ranges and it is the major diverging channel for Myittha river, Lemyo river, Mone Creek, Maw Creek and Yaw Creeks. It remarkably stands out as the highest soil-covered mountain among ASEAN nations.
Nat Ma Taung National Park came under protection as a weather-control forest reserve under forest law article 19, starting from 1936, with a view to making the natural environment survive eternally and to protect different species in the area from becoming extinct. In 1997, it was proposed to be designated as the national park and it was designated officially in 2010. On December 20, 2012, it was designated as the ASEAN Heritage Garden.
The Vice President was briefed  by U Thein Lwin, Nat Ma Taung administrator at the Nat Ma Taung 10-mile camp as regards maintenance works for the conservation of the Nat Ma Taung national park and surrounding areas in natural condition and working condition of Nature-Based Tourism.
Based on  presentations made by officials, the Vice President stressed that it was necessary to organize local people to take active part in performing conservation of natural environment, and to give educational talks on conservation of the natural environment to the locals.
In the evening, the Vice President arrived at the Mindat 100-bed district hospital, where he inspected the hospital and construction site of the 4-storey RC extended hospital and provided cash assistance to patients. Then, the Vice President met with local people and departmental officials at the No. 1 Basic Education High School of Mindat, clarifying programmes to be implemented by the State for regional development.
Daw Har Awe, member of the Mindat township development committee submitted needs of the region and responsible officials made explanations about arrangements to be provided according to the respective sectors.
Afterwards, U Henry Van Thio gave K 100 lakhs as assistance money from the Ministry of Border Affairs to the township administrator, for the development of Mindat. Following that, Brig-Gen Than Htut, Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Border Affairs offered 50 sets of solar panel for the villages of Keitnar, Talanvee and Wilu, 500 blankets for the villages of Chai, Malai and Otsardoo with 300 blankets for the villages of Khuloo and Ro provided by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement.
In the meetings, the Vice President expressed emphatically that the State gave special attention to Chin State, where  development work is greatly needed. Hence such a visit was made for the authorities to witness the needs of the region. The State will carry out the development tasks without delay, depending upon the budget allotment, and the remaining tasks to be done systematically. He went on to say that local people needed to help the government to implement the plans. It is necessary to extend the production of the regional produce, “Loo-sat,” paddy that is good for health. The Vice President emphasized that it was a national duty to spread the Rhododendron trees and not to cause the extinction of Indian Pied Hornbill birds, the symbol of Chin State.
The Vice President then cordially greeted those who came to the meeting.—Myanmar News Agency

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