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U Hsaing Paung Natt, Chairman of ‘Wa’ Liberal Democratic Development Party.
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U Hsaing Paung Natt, Chairman of ‘Wa’ Liberal Democratic Development Party, presented policies, attitudes and programmes of his party on 22 February 2017, on radio and TV programmes. The translation of his presentation is given below:
Esteemed citizens and brethren,
I wish all of you health and happiness.
I am Chairman U Hsaing Paung Natt of ‘Wa’ Liberal Democratic Development party from ‘Wa’ Self-administered Division.
First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the members of our party to the people for having an opportunity to present our party’s political attitudes, ideologies and procedures before you.
Esteemed citizens and brethren,
Based on the political landscape we have experienced in the past to this age, we firmly believed that the ideologies and procedures of our ‘Wa’ Liberal Democratic Development Party should be a political policy that is in conformity with the existing nature of lifestyle.
Therefore, we, in accord with our concept, have vowed to realize our political goals, objectives and beliefs.
The objectives of our party are equal development of socioeconomic life of the respective regions through the unified strength of all the nationalities residing in Myanmar; emergence of genuine federal union which guarantees the basic rights desired by the majority of people; and flourishing of democracy.
To realize these goals, we will focus on regional stability, law enforcement and building and preserving national unity; emergence of genuine federal union which guarantees the basic human rights; thriving of democracy and democratic practices; enjoying justice, equality and liberty; elimination of oppression using inappropriate power on people like feudal lords; promoting education, health, economy and transportation which are part of socioeconomic life of people including uplifting religion, literature, arts and culture; encouraging all the nationalities including youths, women and people of any class to actively participate in national development undertakings.
We accept that unified strength and active spirit of party members and nationalities, their right concepts and conceptual skills, and their goodwill play a leading role in effectively implementing such objectives.
Therefore, we vow to realize these objectives with unyielding spirit based on our party’s attitudes, aims and objectives.
Esteemed citizens and brethren,
Let me introduce our party’s name, headquarters, flag and logo.
The name of our party is ‘Wa’ Liberal Democratic Development.
In abbreviation, it can be called ‘Wa’ Liberal Party.
The headquarters is located at No. (1/A) University Avenue Lane, Byuha Road, Area (2), Ward (1), Lashio.
The contact number is 082 30604.
The flag of the party is a cloth of five feet in length, three feet in width with white, red and blue colours which depicts 16 white stars representing 16 nationalities residing in ‘Wa’ Self-Administered Division and the Lwe Mu Mountain which is a famous symbol of ‘Wa’ people on the blue colour.
The logo of the party depicts a gong and a stick to invite, organize and exhort people with a stick and traditional equipment of a sword and a spear.
Esteemed citizens and brethren,
Let me continue our party’s political policies, ideologies and procedures. We, upholding national unity, have laid down the policy of paying mutual respect to national brethren; living in harmony with them; recognizing the significant features of national brethren; ensuring self-determination; encouraging enjoying of the basic privileges and human rights; sharing benefits from natural resources; promoting socioeconomic life of farmers and workers and ensuring their basic rights; promoting law enforcement; ending the arm conflicts; promoting participation of women and youths in political, economic and social affairs by promoting socioeconomic life in the region and cooperating with any party and individual whose policies and procedures are common to us recognize them as partners to carry out appropriate tasks.
We will ever strive for flourishing of multiparty democracy and emergence of a federal union which guarantees basic rights.
Regarding international affairs, we will cooperate with global countries.
Taking into consideration the regional interest, we will cooperate with others in implementing projects which will be beneficial to the region.
We will welcome and support communication among community-based organizations.
We will encourage entrepreneurs making investment in the region.
We will ease centralization and encourage the private sector.
We will encourage the government servants to harbour goodwill at work, honesty and integrity, duty-consciousness and the cooperative spirit by paying attention to their work site pleasantness and enabling them to enjoy full rights from their work. We will assist in health care for children, and the disabled to enjoy their rights fully.
Regarding national defence and strength, we accept that the Tatmadaw is an organization which is essential to national defence.
We also accept that it is a major force which protect the lives and property in accord with the law including flourishing of democracy and a federal union.
Regarding religious affairs, we recognize the religious freedom of all nationalities and we recognize media persons and celebrities are the community of role models who encourage the entire people to be vigilant.
In conclusion, I would like to present that to build a peaceful and prosperous Union of Myanmar, our ‘Wa’ Liberal Democratic Development Party:
(1) firmly believes that it is a must to build national unity by showing love, sympathy, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness to each other with making sacrifice, providing assistance and showing magnanimity.
(2) firmly believes that eternal unity among nationalities can only be built through the emergence of genuine federal union which guarantees basic human rights.
(3) accepts that it is essential to flourishing of practical democracy and democratic practices in the Union of Myanmar.
(4) accepts that recognizing justice, liberty and equality and the birth rights of nationalities and transforming them into reality is the basic move.
(5) firmly believes that only when all the national brethren, fellow colleagues who uphold the State’s affairs and all the government servants serve the interests of the nation with right attitude and faithfulness, will the peaceful, prosperous and developed motherland be perpetuated forever.
(Unofficial translation)

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