Wa National Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Wa National Party Chairman U Sai Pao Nup presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Esteemed voters and people
I wish you all auspiciousness and mental and physical wellbeing. I am U Sai Pao Nup, Chairman of Wa National Party of the Wa Self-Administered Division in northern Shan State.
With respect, I would express gratitude to the chairman and members of the Union Election Commission for this opportunity to present political policy, stance and work programmes of our party at this auspicious time when the third general election of the Union of Myanmar is just around the corner.

Esteemed voters and people
We, the Wa party’s members, founded the party with the national spirit of partaking in the collective efforts for the progress of the Wa region and the Union of Myanmar. So, we have laid down the vision, mission and stance of the party for the correctness and accuracy of the work programmes. Before presenting them in detail, I would like to give a brief account of the situation, topography and nature of the Wa Self-Administered Division. Only then will the people understand more about the policy, stance and work programmes of the party.

Esteemed voters and people
Wa Self-Administered Division is in northern Shan State. Wa ethnic people are living in northern, southern and eastern Shan State. During the colonial time, the Wa regions were collectively called Wa State. After Myanmar regained independence, they were put into the areas administered by Shan feudal lords. They were formed as a part of Shan State of the Union of Myanmar. Under the 2008 Constitution of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Hopang, Mongma and Panwai were grouped into Hopang District, and Nahpan, Metman and Pangsang (Pankham), into Metman District, and the two districts are then formed into Wa-Self Administered Division.
According to the records, 18 ethnic groups are living in the area for 4,000 years. The place had rough and hard transport because of the existence of thick jungles and steep and high mountains. Because of the absence of transportation in the area, there were no mutual relations or cooperation or mutual sharing of knowledge between the people of the same region or between them and the people of other regions or between individuals. So, the area had become isolated.
Poverty went in-depth because of the lack of educational opportunities and lack of knowledge in the whole area. In today’s rapidly developing era, we must shape the future based on the lessons we learn from the past. We must take into the account the present and place in the forefront the three national causes — non-disintegration of Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty, which are the duty of all the citizens. Our party will adopt its policy, stance and work programmes that are always in conformity with the objective conditions, changing trends and development of the country.

Esteemed voters and people
Our policy, stance and work programmes are as follows:

Name of the party
Wa National Party (W.N.P)

Party’s vision and mission
– Non-disintegration of the Union of Myanmar;
– Non-disintegration of national solidarity;
– Perpetuation of sovereignty;
– Restoration of national reconciliation and eternal peace;
– The rule of law;
– Equal fundamental rights for all nationalities;
– Nurturing of ethnic religions, literature, cultures and languages of ethnic people and the emergence of genuine federal democracy.

Policy of the party
It is the Social Democratism, which avoids the two extremes and which is adaptable to our topographic, climatic, customary and cultural objectives.

Work programmes
The ideology of the work programmes is as follows:
We will consolidate our party into a compact organization serving the interest of the people. We will establish cordial and equal relations with any political organization with the vision, conviction, belief, ideology, views similar to us. If necessary, we will form alliances or partnership with them.
We have the straightforward conviction of joining hands with any party or organization in the interest of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
– We will campaign for the active involvement of our people in the politics, economy and social affairs of Wa region.
– We will conduct constant undertakings for all-round economic development and improvement of the living standard of the locals.
– We will render constant assistance for guaranteeing rights and privileges of farmers and workers.
– We will assure legal protection and encouragement for investments and dividends of the entrepreneurs who pour money into our region.
– We will encourage active participation of women in economic, social and other undertakings of Myanmar.
– We will nurture youth to have the five strengths and the habit of observing the oriental culture and traditions.
– We will duly increase the monthly salaries of teachers and education staff who are teaching the students or the future leaders with sincere loving-kindness and set up special social welfare programs, especially for the ones assigned in remote border areas.
– We will support the free compulsory primary education for all citizens in the country.
– We will guarantee fundamental rights and human rights — liberty, justice and equality — for all ethnic people.
– We will ensure free or low-cost advanced medical treatment for the people.
– We will provide practical assistance for the flourishing of literature, culture, traditions and arts of ethnic races.
– We will help people enjoy greater freedom of worship and the opportunity to construct religious buildings.
– We will strive for fostering Union spirit, the spirit of peaceful co-existence, mutual love and respect, and the confidence to provide mutual assistance and to live in unity under any circumstance.
– We will strive, with might and main from the respective sector, for the success of the process of national reconciliation and eternal peace.

Esteemed voters and people
We want to thank you the voters in advance so much for the invaluable support you will give us with good faith, goodwill and noble mind. With this, I conclude.

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