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Wahnet Elephant Camp ready for visitors during upcoming long Thingyan holidays

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Visitors — mostly children — are seen enjoying elephant rides at the Wahnet Elephant Camp. Photo : Min Htet Aung

Wahnet Elephant Camp in Mandalay Region is prepared for holidaymakers during the long Thingyan holidays (8 to 17 April), said a person in charge of Wahnet Elephant Camp under Myanma Timber Enterprise.
Wahnet Elephant Camp is located by the roadside of Yeywa Dam between Mandalay and PyinOoLwin. Thanks to maintaining the campgrounds, fun activities are provided for homegrown visitors and tourists to relax under the shady trees, enjoy the elephant ride and the natural scenic beauty and feed the elephant. Seven bamboo bungalows are prepared. There are charity feasts for 150-200 people during Thingyan. Elephants will splash water with their trunks. The pandals on a small scale will be constructed for the visitors to enjoy the water festival.
“Wahnet Elephant Camp is steadily developing after closure during the COVID-19. The camp is jam-packed with visitors during holidays. We have been preparing seven bamboo bungalows for visitors. We have also made outdoor stone tables and benches. The camp gets ready for 100 visitors. We also raise awareness of elephant habits among visitors by hanging vinyl. Elephant camp mainly draws the attention of the children and there are playgrounds prepared for them as well. We will offer a full range of services for the needs of the customers,” he elaborated.
The visitors can observe the natural scenery of elephant rides, watch elephant theme shows, enjoy the natural fresh air, elephant ride and feed elephants and take documentary photos with the elephants. The entrance fee is K1,000 per person. A short trip is estimated at K3,000 while the elephant ride for a long-distance trip costs K5,000. – Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/EM

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