Wait for election results without being negligent in following health guidelines

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Millions of people across our country, wearing face masks, face shields and rubber gloves, line up in social distancing when sun rises, cast their vote-in-person in a nationwide election.
Poll officials and workers wore face protection, masks, and medical gloves, and contributed their services to the voters.
Our 2020 General Election held amidst COVID-19 pandemic ended at 4 pm successfully. The success of the general elections depends on the cooperation of the people. If they fail to follow the rules, it could easily lead to another outbreak of COVID-19.
It is an significant step that the Union Election Commission allowed people aged over 60 years in the townships under stay-at-home order and in townships with dense population to cast advance voting for their safety, and the move decreased the number of people for in-person voting at polling stations on Election Day.
The election commission has worked hard to make arrangements for a free and fair poll due to the health risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.\
Meanwhile, we would like to honour poll volunteers and officials for their contribution to successfully holding of the nationwide general elections.
Our right to vote is hard-won. It took decades for us to re-establish this right. The right to vote is fundamental to protecting, asserting and defining many of our other rights.
The UEC is committed to holding the 2020 general elections in accordance with five standards: freedom of choice, fairness, transparency, accessibility, and compatibility of public desire.
The UEC officials are doing their duty to get the election results right, becasuse every vote counts. The election results will be posted and broadcast on state-run newspapers, TV, and the UEC website in a timely manner.
The general elections are a part of our democratic transition. Holding a free and fair election is a matter of dignity for the country and the people.
People are waiting for the results. No matter who wins, nothing ends here.
Still, we need to contain the coronavirus infection in our country. The number of positive coronavirus cases is found over 1,000 daily, and the total number of deaths from the disease reached over 1,400 yesterday. This reflects that we are not out of the woods yet, and people should not be negligent in protecting themselves from contracting the infection. People are urged to strictly follow all health guidelines.

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