Walking the road to total peace under the NCA flag


Myanmar has not enjoyed total peace for over 70 years, as the longest civil war in the world is in Myanmar. Hence, we are making all efforts to achieve peace.
The Union government has committed to achieving total peace, and in a bid to break the deadlock with ethnic armed organizations, the Union Government has held peace negotiations during its tenure.
In fact, the problem between the two sides are the consequences of political problems, and we can find a solution only at the negotiation table through amicable and open talks. To resolve the problems rooted in over 70 years of conflict, we need to uphold the spirit of brotherhood.
The National Reconciliation and Peace Centre held peace talks with KNPP on 18 March, 2019, with KNU on 11 April, 2019, KHCC on 26th April 2019 and RCSS on 11 July 2019.
NRPC and the Peace Commission are negotiating with the signatories to the NCA to proceed with the peace process with understanding and confidence, before the fourth session of the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong.
While negotiating for the NCA, the two sides have also discussed regional developments.
To help the residents enjoy the benefits of peace in areas where ethnic armed organizations operate, and to develop their socio-economic conditions, the NRPC is focusing on the resettlement of internally displaced persons, infrastructure, transportation, agriculture, education and health, using its funds and assistance from the UN and NGOs.
At the same time, the Union Government has opened the door to peace for the EAOs, which have not yet signed the NCA and has been holding negotiations as part of efforts to build a democratic federal Union aspired to by all, and for effectively working together for regional development under the umbrella of the NCA.
Those EAOs which have not signed the NCA are urged to move forward, while closely cooperating with the Union Government and to fully participate in the current peace making process, as the country needs to move from the level of a regional ceasefire agreement to a nationwide ceasefire agreement, while both sides observe mutual restraint.
We solemnly request all the leaders and ethnic brothers and sisters to join hands in a concerted effort to realize the dream of genuine peace and the Democratic Federal Union.

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