Walking Thingyan and Countryside Thingyan Night Market to ramp up Mandalay tourism

Dance troupes perform during Traditional Mandalay Maha Thingyan festival 2017 in Mandalay. Photo: Myanmar Digital News

The Mandalay City Development Committee is going to try to ramp up travel and tourism in Mandalay by celebrating this year’s water festival with Mandalay Walking Thingyan and Countryside Thingyan Night Market.
At the first meeting of the Mandalay Regional government and its sub committees that was held yesterday evening, members of MCDC discussed how to organize the festival.
“We’d like to elevate tourism in Mandalay. We’d like all tourists to come here during Thingyan festival. We’d like to arrange trips for them to visit our three ancient cities Bagan, Innwa and Amarapura before they participate in the festival,” Dr Zaw Myint Maung, chief minister for Mandalay Region said.
“We will have to promote the festival and excursion to the ancient cities through local tour companies by showing photos about the events and cities. We must arrange special promotion,” he said.
Some experts suggested that it would be better if we reduce air ticket prices and discount hotel room rates, he added. To attract tourists and visitors, the MCDC has arranged the Countryside Thingyan Night Market to take place between 20th street and 25th street, at the eastern palace moat. The MCDC initially planned to allow building pandals from 12nd street to 20th street and opening stalls both day and night on 66th street for up to 450 feet at the 26th street at the eastern moat.
Just like last year, the walk way will be located at the southern moat along 26th street between 66th street and 78th street. The Union of Myanmar Travel Association will be given an area for the festival between 66th street and 69th street on the 26th street.
“Last year, we added the Walking Thingyan program in the Mandalay Thingyan festival. A lot of foreigners participated in it. What they recommended was a place to experience Myanmar tradition and culture at night. Some people also suggested adding one more entertainment program this year. That’s why we decided to arrange the Countryside Thingyan Night Market this year,” said U Kyaw San Myint, a member of MCDC.
This year’s Mandalay Thingyan will include food stalls selling traditional Myanmar food and Mandalay’s popular local food as well as souvenir shops. For entertainment, there will be games, movies on a projector screen, elephant dances, solo performances with cane balls, and more.
The MCDC has mapped out an area for throwing water from pandals between 66th street and 80th street at the northern moat, and between 19th and 26th street at the western moat. The pandals between 12nd street and 19th street are for families. The pandal at the Manaw Yaman athletic field is for youths.
It also allowed building pandals in downtown area and around Kandawgyi.


Myanmar Digital News

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