Warmly welcome Youth and Literary Arts Exhibition

As a gesture of hailing the Diamond Jubilee Independence Day which falls on 4 January 2023, a plan is underway to host the Youth and Literary Arts Exhibition at the Myanmar International Convention Centre-II in Nay Pyi Taw from 26 to 28 December this year.
In the previous year, the Youth and Literature Festival took place at the Wunna Theikdi Stadium of Nay Pyi Taw in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee Union Day. This year, the festival was renamed into a new title as the Youth and Literary Arts Exhibition to be more significant and profound, and it will be organized on a grand scale at the national level, creating chances for student youths and staff families to be able to participate in it.
The government arranges to hold the Youth and Literary Arts Exhibition, aimed at motivating the students to read books and publications, know the advantages of literature, uplift patriotic spirit, prestige and integrity through movies and fine arts, adore the independence of the nation with the knowledge of independence struggle and sufferings in the colonial era, enjoy peace, stability and beautifying scenes of the nation with development activities as well as panoramic rural scenes to emerge the soul for adoring the relevant regions and states, and easily know endeavours of relevant ministries through the displays of booths at the exhibition.
The exhibition primarily aims to present demonstrations on crime reduction, the danger of narcotic drugs and enforcement of traffic rules, display biographies of historic persons, pacts and records, show off skill demonstrations on aviation science, activities of growing trees, raising public health awareness, showcase documentary photos activities, books and records on youth, and arrange the competitions for children as well as present the famous films to visitors.
It is firmly believed that the exhibition is sure to contribute to widening the scope of knowledge for the youths in order to know dos and don’ts in society and how to seek the best opportunities to be utilized for their lives. If the youths can expose their chances in the exhibition, it will be the best for those youths as well as the organizer of the exhibition.
Hence, every citizen needs to heartily welcome the presentation and theme of the national-level exhibition for giving various items of knowledge about youth and youth affairs, health, social, education and literary topics so as to forge the nationalistic spirit and enhance prestige and integrity of the entire people based on images of independence struggles.

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