Waste water kills fish in Taungthaman Lake


An inflow of industrial waste water has killed hundreds of fish in Taungthaman Lake in Amarapura Township, Mandalay.
The waste water was not purified before it was drained into Payantaw Creek, causing fish to die from a lack of oxygen in the lake.
Responding to a complaint, the head of the Mandalay Region Fisheries Department inspected the lake on 12 April and conducted tests on water where dead fish were found.
“We are removing dead fish around the lake,” an official of Taungthaman Lake fish breeding industry said. “Moreover, we sprayed water to prevent the death of more fish in waste water.”
Taungthaman Lake is a popular spot for tourists and locals. However, the number of revellers at the lake for this year’s water festival was down from previous years due to the bad smell caused by the dead fish, a local resident said.
The waste water left more than 160 kilograms of dead fish from six species. The official of the lake buried the dead fish.

Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)

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