Water from Kyeeohn Kyeewa Dam overflows from spillway

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A clear view of water overflowing from the Kyeeohn Kyeewa Dam’s spillway in Pwintbyu Township, Magway Region.

The Kyeeohn Kyeewa Dam in Pwintbyu Township, Magway Region, which local farmers rely on for agricultural water, has seen an increase in the inflow of rainwater due to recent rains.
Rainwater inflow into the dam increased yesterday morning and the water overflowed from the spillway about 5.3 feet above the 340 feet high of the full point of the dam, according to U Soe Tint, assistant engineer of the dam.
As the rainfall decreased at the beginning of September, the overflow from the dam’s excess water gradually decreased, and now, due to the rains, the inflow of rainwater increased again.
Although there is overflow from the spillway, there is no concern for the local people downstream the dam, and the spillway and related buildings are strong and in good condition.
Regarding the overflow from the spillway of the dam, the staff on duty take turns to monitor the water level and inform the residents of the villages downstream the dam about the situation of rainwater entering the dam daily in a timely manner according to the natural disaster prevention plan.
The Kyeeohn Kyeewa Dam in Pwintbyu Township is one of the dams that can store the most irrigation water in Minbu District, providing sufficient water for agriculture and crops for the local people.
If there is an increase in rainwater in the dam due to the rainfall, the hydropower plant will operate 24 hours a day, and the electricity generated will be sent to the national grid, benefiting the electricity supply.
Due to the good rainfall this year, rainwater can be stored in the dam, and the water can be sent to the Mezali diversion weir and distributed it to the farmers in the region to grow crops. — Hlaing Win Lay (Pwintbyu Myay)/KZL

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