Water level in Ayeyawady River likely to reach danger mark

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Police officers prepare for river patrol along the Ayeyawady River in Mandalay. 
Photo : Than Zaw Min (IPRD)

Due to continuous rainfall in Putao and Machanbaw townships, the water level in the Ayeyawady River is likely to reach the danger mark at Mandalay port, said an official from the Mandalay Region Meteorology and Hydrology Department.
The danger level at Mandalay port is 1,260 cm, and the water level in the river has reached 1,127 cm on 17 July, according to the department’s records.
“In Myitkyina, the water level passed the danger mark on 13 July, and now it has reduced. The water level in the river has continued to fall in Bhamo, Shwegu, and Thabeikkyin, where the level was estimated to have reached 1.5 feet ( 45 cm) over the danger mark in Mandalay,” he added.
The water level at Mandalay port was 988 cm, 1,014 cm, and 1,065 cm between 14 and 16 July, and is approaching the danger level. If the upper regions get heavy rainfall, the water levels in Mandalay will reach the danger mark.
The upper regions of the Ayeyawady River — Machanbaw and Putao — have received over 3 inches of rainfall on 10 July, and over one inch on 11, 12, and 13 July. In Myitkyina, low-lying wards witnessed flooding before the water reached the danger level. With the water level in the Ayeyawady River increasing, fire fighters, auxiliary teams, fire engines, fiber boats, and other flood rescue measures have been put in place for any emergencies. —Than Zaw Min (IPRD) (Translated by La Woon)

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