‘Water-seller’ as ‘perennial drama’ and Einstein’s age when he proposed special relativity theory

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Thank you for publishing my article on two Myanmar sar Matric texts (GNLM, 14 June 2024). The first text was used between 1968-69 and 1985-86 high school academic years for Matric students. I juxtaposed that text with the current Grade XII Myanmar sar text used since the 2023-24 academic year. I briefly mentioned one of the texts that Matric students had to study in the pre-1968 high school academic year: ဦးပုည ဝတ္ထုလေးပုဒ် (‘Four short stories of U Ponnya’). In my article, I incorrectly inferred that U Ponnya’s ရေသည်ပြဇာတ် ‘The Water-seller’ play was taught in the high school academic years from about 1963-64 to 1967-68.
I checked with a person who passed the Matriculation exam in 1965-66. He stated that the four short stories by U Ponnya that they had to study did not include ရေသည်ပြဇာတ် and I stand corrected. I have verified with another person who passed the Matric exam in 1988, and she stated that U Ponnya’s ‘Water-seller’ drama was taught to her batch. The then new system and new texts for Burmese (as well as other subjects) started in the 1986-87 academic year, so U Ponnya’s drama must have been taught since 1986-87. ‘The Water-seller’ drama is (after checking the texts and querying those who passed Matric exams in the various decades since then) continuously taught for 37 years! It is the only play that is included in the current Grade XII Myanmar sar text.
The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain(s)’ is a phrase and part of the song in the musical My Fair Lady. To paraphrase it: ‘Rain or shine, all Matriculation students for over three decades had to go through the “Water-seller” drama’.
I also briefly mentioned the article အိုင်းစတိုင်း၏တရား (‘Einstein’s theory’) an article by Deedok U Ba Cho first published probably in the 1930s and reproduced in ပင်ရင်းစကားပြေလက်ရွေးစင် (the old Myanmar Sar Text). On page 53 of the text, it was stated that ‘Einstein is of Jewish descent (ရေဝတီလူမျိုး) and he ‘distributed his (Special) Relatively theory to the world’ (ကမ္ဘာသို့ဖြန့်ချိ ) at the age of eighteen.
After about ninety years, I would like to point out Sayagyi Deedok U Ba Cho’s error. Einstein (14 March 1879-18 April 1955) published his Special Theory of Relativity at the age of 26, not ‘18’. Einstein sent his paper titled ‘On the Electrodynamic of Moving Bodies’, written in German, to the journal Annalen der physik. The journal received the article on 30 June 1905 (Source, Walter Isaacson, Einstein His Life and Universe, 2007, Simon & Schuster, page 127). Einstein presented his Theory of Special Relativity and other scientific articles in his ‘miraculous year’ of 1905 when he was 26 years old, not ‘eighteen’, as stated by Deedok U Ba Cho.

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