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Water supply provided using generators, solar systems to prevent water shortage in Yangon

According to the Yangon City Development Committee, officials are using generators and solar systems to distribute water in order to avoid water problems in Yangon.
Water distribution in Yangon is mainly done through Phugyi, Gyophyu, Hlawga, and Ngamoeyeik water reservoirs and Lagunpyin pumping plants in Yangon Region. Yangon Electricity Supply Corporation-YESC plans to ensure that there are no power outages in these areas, but power cuts may occur due to the National Grid system breakdown.
Therefore, the water supply is carried out by driving generators and using solar systems so that the water supply does not stop due to power outages.
In case of water shortages, 55 water tankers with a capacity of 3,000 gallons to 400 gallons are set to facilitate water supplies. — TWA/KZL

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