Watermelon and muskmelon growers reap handsome profits

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A farmer works in a watermelon farm in Nay Pyi Taw.

The price of watermelon and muskmelon jumped by 50 per cent because of higher demand in the market, said U Soe Lwin, the chair of the Sagaing Region Watermelon and Muskmelon Growers and Exporters Association.
The growing season of watermelon and muskmelon started in January and will end this month. At the present time, the supply is still low but the demand is high, resulting in the increase in price.
The price was cool in early March and unexpectedly, it turned upward at the end of March, allowing the growers to make a healthy profit during the end of the season.
The muskmelon price rose from 3 to 5 Yuan while the watermelon price was up from 1.5 Yuan to 3.5 Yuan. The watermelon and muskmelon market has boomed this year, unlike last year, said U Soe Lwin.
Over 700 six-wheeled or twelve-wheeled trucks loaded with watermelons and about 400 other trucks carrying muskmelons flowed into the China-Myanmar border market from ChaungU Township during the pre-Thingyan period.
At the end of the watermelon season, about 300 truckloads of watermelons and 60 to 70 truckloads of muskmelons were sent on 24th April. A twelve-wheeled truck has a capacity of 17 tonnes, while a six-wheeled truck can carry 10 tonnes. The transportation charges remained unchanged during the pre and post Thingyan periods, costing Ks80,000 a tonne.
With the watermelon and muskmelon market flourishing, about 65 per cent of the growers attain profit and twenty per cent of them managed to get their capital back. Only 15 per cent of the growers made a loss since they harvested early in March, resulting in fruit of poor quality.
Over 600,000 tonnes of watermelon and over 130,000 tonnes of muskmelons produced in the Sagaing Region were exported to foreign countries from April 2016 to March 2017, which helps the State earn revenue and the growers prosper financially. The locals from ChaungU Townships said they have seen more charity events this year compared to the previous year.


Myo Win Tun (Monywa)

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