Watermelon demand from China rises again

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Watermelon demand from China has currently risen again, according to Khwarnyo fruit wholesale centre.

Currently, it is exported through Mongla and Lwege routes and due to the long journey, they need to choose fresh fruits which can’t easily go rotten.

“Watermelon demand is fine now despite unstable price. At present, price per tonne is around 3000yuan-3500yuan. We are currently shipping from Mongla and Lwege,” said a spokesperson from Khwarnyo fruit wholesale centre.

The cost of export including fares and other expenses is about K12million in total.

Mongla route is very long and so it costs more. Besides, we need to choose fruits which are fresh and not easily perishable. We also export from Lwege and the cost is not different because it is also a long distance. Currently, we are exporting from both routes,” he said.


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