Watermelon export prices plunge by 25pc per tonne

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A truck is seen carrying watermelons.  Photo : Khwar Nyo

By Nyein Nyein

The price of watermelon exported to China fell by 25 per cent per tonne, vice-chairman Sai Khin Maung of fruit depot at Muse 105th mile trade zone said. A watermelon fetched over 7,000 Yuan per tonne in November-end, and the price now plummeted to 4,500 Yuan per tonne, he continued.
“Watermelon prices rose to 7,000 Yuan per tonne in the previous weeks. The prevailing maximum price stands at only 4,500 Yuan per tonne. Watermelon with good packaging is, however, priced at 6,000 Yuan. Nevertheless, the price sharply dropped by 25 per cent. I guess there will be no possible price rise as high as before,” he shared his opinion.
At present, more than 200 trucks loaded watermelon daily enter the Muse zone, and they are continued to go to China, according to Muse fruit depot.
However, about 500-600 trucks of watermelon were stuck in the zone due to the transport delay. They are prioritized to deliver the watermelons first.
“Among Myanmar-China border crossings adjacent to Muse district, Mang Weing, Kyinsankyawt and Pansai (Kyukok) are open for trading. Nandaw and Manhero areas which were mostly crowded with people have been closed. Moreover, Hsinphyu checkpoint was also shut down for goods trucks. As a result of this, the authorities concerned from both sides are negotiating the reopening of the Hsinphyu border,” Sai Khin Maung explained.
“We have negotiated the entry/exit permit for the trucks at the Hsinphyu border. It will help smooth the trade,” he affirmed.
During the last financial year, the COVID-19 impacts battered watermelon, and muskmelon exports and the growers and businesspersons suffered losses. Myanmar’s watermelon will be harvested up to May 2021 in the watermelon producing regions and states except for Kayah and Chin states.
Myanmar yearly exports over 800,000 tonnes of watermelon and about 150,000 tonnes of muskmelons to China, Myanmar Watermelon and Muskmelon Producers and Exporters Association stated. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)



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