Watermelon growers encouraged to focus on quality to maintain exports

Watermelon growers are urged to prioritize quality in maintaining exports amid mounting loss of watermelons exported to China, Khwanyo Fruit Depot affirmingly stated.
“Torrential rain these days resulted in crop damage. This being so, rain-fed melons should not be harvested yet as it could deteriorate quality. The growers should wait for a few days to maintain quality,” Sai Khin Maung, an owner of Khwarnyo Fruit Depot pointed out.
“Myanmar’s watermelon depends on Xishuangbanna Dai autonomous prefecture of Dai people in Yunnan Province. Earlier, it was primarily delivered to Yunnan. Amid the road closure at some Myanmar-China borders, we had to shift to other potential markets. The market is expected to be solid soon. Watermelon growers are still facing a series of challenges and unavoidable trade barriers. Some watermelon and muskmelon growers are taking the risk to export the melons to China amid transport hurdles. They are still struggling with high freight rates and other multiple risks,” Sai Khin Maung stressed. Myanmar’s watermelon is primarily exported to China. However, traders are facing challenges amid the policy changes in China, fruit traders stressed.
In early February, tight inspections of Chinese Customs hindered truck transport. That being so, only 20-30 trucks were able to pass the checkpoint despite high demand. Consequently, watermelon was sold out at the depots on the China side, and more than 500 trucks queued in line on the Myanmar side.
In 2021, the COVID-19 restrictions hindered Myanmar’s watermelon and muskmelon exports to China. Chinese Customs Regulation increased delay. Long delays of trucks caused harm to watermelon quality and only one in five trucks heading to China remained undamaged with quality watermelons.
The traders need to contemplate delivery time, price and profitability as watermelon is a perishable fruit while trying to explore new markets beyond China. — NN/EM

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