Watermelon price drops at 105-Mile Muse Trade Zone despite heavy influx of trucks

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The price of watermelons are on the decline at 105-Mile Muse Trade Zone in spite of the large inflow of trucks carrying fruit, according to the Muse trade zone.
After Chinese New Year, many trucks loaded with the fruits entered the Muse market. But the Chinese merchants did not come promptly, resulting in a decline in price, said a fruit depot owner at Muse trade zone. Additionally, rain on 2 February in Muse district further brought down the watermelon price, said the owners of fruit depots.
“Prior to the rain, the watermelon price was not that low but the price has since then has been on a downward trend,” said a local watermelon merchant. About 300 truckloads of fruit arrived at 105-Mile Muse Trade Zone on 2 February, with the watermelon price of 3.5yuan to 4.3yuan per kilo. On 3 February, over 350 truckloads of fruit entered the Muse market with the price about 3.5 to 4 yuan per kilo, it is learnt.

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