Watermelon prices hit seven-year record high

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Demand of Myanmar watermelon from China reaches highest record in seven years.  Photo: Supplied

By Nyein Nyein

The price of watermelon exported to China reached the highest level in seven years, said Chairperson U Naing Win of the Myanmar Watermelon and Muskmelon Producers and Exporters Association.
The watermelon fetches a high of 6,200 Yuan per tonne at present. It hit the most elevated of 7,000 Yuan per tonne back in 2013, he continued.
“The melon price is extremely high. It is the highest level in six-seven years. In 2013, the melon reached the all-time high of 7,000 Yuan per tonne for 14 to 15 days. For now, the price remained at 6,200 Yuan per tonne for a month,” he said.
Myanmar is daily exporting about 60 trucks of watermelon to China. And, the demand is surpassing the supply, for now, he added.
About 300 trucks of watermelon and muskmelons were earlier traded a day. This year, the growers raised the concerns over the melon market amid the COVID-19 crisis. Consequently, the number of melon growers sharply fell, and so, the acreage did. Only 50-60 trucks enter the Muse market every day. The market is expected to remain more vigorous as the demand exceeds the supply, U Naing Win shared his opinion.
During the previous financial year, the growers and the traders suffered the loss due to the price instability and transportation difficulties triggered by the COVID-19.
Myanmar’s watermelon market earlier relied only on China. For the first time, 25 tonnes of Myanmar’s seedless watermelon will be shipped to Dubai market on 6 December, said the association.
After the country achieves success on the Dubai market, Myanmar has a plan to expand its market to Hong Kong SAR, the UAE and Qatar, the association stated.
Myanmar yearly exports over 800,000 tonnes of watermelon and about 150,000 tonnes of muskmelons to China, the association affirmed.(Translated by Ei Myat Mon)


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