We all share the blame

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With the general election a little over a month away, the public is looking forward to getting a fresh start with eager anticipation. No one doubts what it takes to be a truly democratic government and how important their own role is in making it happen.
It is undeniable that decades of mismanagement and negligence have left a trail of problems in our wake. The blame should not lie solely with the government: we the people must shoulder some responsibility. The logic governing the requisites of the country and the people to stand with dignity intact is morality, education and rule of law.
A virtuous government will ensure that every individual is equal before and under the law and that its people enjoy easy access to quality education. On the other hand, no matter how equal we are before the law, it is meaningless if the law is not equal to each of us. Under no circumstances can failed law guarantee the rule of law.
The roots of most conflicts and crimes lie in ignorance and prejudice. That is why education is regarded as one of the most powerful instruments for overcoming these two extremes, in addition to alleviating poverty. It is through education that we learn to distinguish right and wrong in complex circumstances, so what we all need is a certain level of education to acquire the ability to reason.
After all, the most we can hope for is the emergence of a new government that is accountable to its people and willing to respect the rule of law and revitalise the education system.

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