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We are all in the same boat!

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As for all those who are travelling in the same boat to a certain destination they all need to row the boat with the same efforts so that they can reach their desired goal. We will achieve success only if we exert concerted efforts in harmony with each other to smoothly get to our ultimate goal.
“It is easier said than done,” as the saying goes. In moving towards a certain destination we will find it difficult to some extent because all the travellers going together to the same destination may not have similar attitudes and desires. Some may be enthusiastic and energetic, while some may be dull and reluctant. Some may be eager and ebullient, while some recalcitrant. Some always want to go against the wishes of others. As a result, the journey takes much more time than expected. Had we arrived at the destination as we had hoped, it would be convenient for us, hence the urge to go to the destination in unity.
Similarly, our journey to internal peace is in fact close to us, but it is taking much time to reach there as if going to a very distant place. We could see our destination right in front of us so we could have arrived at our destination much earlier if we had moved in unity. In her message sent to the rally to welcome and support the Union Peace Conference—21st Century Panglong, the State Counsellor said,
“In our country armed conflicts have occurred for nearly 70 years. Efforts were made to bring peace to the country in successive eras. While taking lessons from failures due to some reasons, we must write a new chapter of our history of our era with collective efforts.”
The efforts of individual organizations alone cannot bring about internal peace. Peace is not for only one person, one organization, one ethnic race, but for all citizens of the Union. Accordingly, it is necessary for all of us to take active participation in an attempt to gain internal peace so that the country can reach the right path to the advanced Federal Democratic Republic by achieving long-lasting internal peace.
For a successful march towards the peaceful nation, we must welcome and support the mass rally wholeheartedly, needing to acknowledge and express our thanks to the signs of national unity. To our great delight, we saw these rallies before convening the 2nd and 3rd session of UPC-21st Century Panglong.
Now what all our citizens want is the long-awaited internal peace. At the time when Bogyoke Aung San and national leaders struggled for our independence all the people expressed their aspiration for liberation with unprecedented momentum.
Now as well we are required to express our great desire for getting internal peace wholeheartedly. If we move in the same boat in unity, our peace goal is not too far away from us.

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