We can defeat COVID-19 crisis with decisive actions


On account of global warming, the evil effects of natural disasters related to climate change are threatening the safety of our planet. There have been increased occurrences of natural disasters with greater destructive impact. The consequences of climate change can cause physical and mental damage.
The beginning of the windy season will see a return of gale-force winds in the evenings in March and April, the first two months of our summer season. Besides, isolated rains or thundershowers are likely in the afternoons or evenings, accompanied by strong winds, hail, thunder, and lightning, due to convective clouds created by gradually rising day temperatures across the country.
A gale-force wind hit some areas in Sagaing Region recently and damaged 228 houses and five monasteries.
Likewise, a strong wind hit some areas in Magway Region on 16 April, damaging over 210 houses and one monastery.
Likewise, an earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale shook Phalam, Chin State, at 6.16 am on 16 April and one aftershock with 4.1 Richter scale jolted about one hour later in the same area. The two earthquakes left some damages in Phalam and Haka.
The situation has rung alarm bells and brought into focus the need to fundamentally rethink our current disaster preparedness and public awareness.
We cannot prevent these two disasters, but we can reduce the impacts from them through our well preparedness. People must be alerted to the risks of earthquakes, and people should take “full precautions” in the evenings and take “necessary action” to protect themselves and their property from the gale-force winds and lightning.
The Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement has also established hot line numbers: 067-340466 and 067-3404777 to help the victims of the above disasters.
But, the COVID-19 pandemic, we are facing today, which is also a notifiable disease, can be prevented and contained through the cooperation of the people.
People are the key to defeating the COVID-19 crisis, and they should strictly follow the public health guidelines to keep the entire public safe.
Those who do not comply with the law can face fines and even prison time under Section-2 (b) of the National Disaster Management Law.
We are confident that our country can win the war against COVID-19 with decisive actions now.

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