We have yet to move on to our destination: A Federal Democratic Union!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Almost every individual has gone on a trip or a journey. As we all know, a trip is meant especially for a short one for pleasure or a particular purpose. Dictionaries define journey as an act of travelling from one place to another, especially when they are far apart. So, it is evident that it will take us more time to go on a journey than on a trip. Plus, we may usually find it more difficult to reach the goal. Once we decide to set out on a trip or a journey, we need to get to our destination. Failing that, we will miss an opportunity we want; pleasure or any other gains. Likewise, the people of Myanmar decided to set out for an extraordinarily long journey with a definite goal in mind: a peaceful and developed Federal Democratic Union. Our journey is a rough one. We may take much time because we have many hindrances ahead.
    In this long journey, it is imperative that we get nationwide peace. So long as it is not achieved, our desires will not be fulfilled. The only way to gain peace is just to come to the negotiating table. To reach this stage, we need to stop armed conflicts. However, armed conflicts cannot be stopped by one side only.
    In other words, the Tatmadaw and all armed national ethnics groups must take part in the nationwide cease-fire, unanimously. We all belong to the same Union. We all are national brethren who are brothers and sisters of the same Union. Now, we should be well convinced of the true situation. If we procrastinate to implement the peace process at the present time, our national brethren and their offspring will be displaced for decades and the whole nation will be groping in the dark for ages.
    What we have to do simultaneously while marching along the nationwide peace process is to repair and strengthen the dilapidated pillar of the rule of law in the country. We all know what brought our country to this state. This is also a great problem. If the problem remains unsolved in time, it will destroy the future of the whole population like a pandemic disease. There is a well-known Myanmar saying, “If we know the ailment, there is a medicine.” We have found a well-qualified physician. Our duty is to take the medicines she gives us. The physician is not a charlatan. Our physician will not give us a temporary palliative, just to relieve the pain we are presently suffering. In the same way, our leaders will give us correct guidelines to cure the deteriorating situation in the rule of law area.
    “Will we wait for the shade that will reach us while staying in the sunshine?” Or “Will we go to the shade without waiting for the shade to come to us? Whatever it is, our ultimate goal is to be able to live in the cool and shady place called “Peace”.
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