We must cultivate our mental abilities to stand proud as a Union

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There are countries that are genuine Unions throughout the world. There are also countries that border on being Unions, while other countries are simply a coalition of societies with no uniting spirit among its citizens. It is invigorating to know that Myanmar is among the true Unions of countries, and even more so for being recognized as a strong Union.
It is not so simple to categorize a country as a Union. A country must meet the standards of integrity and unity that constitutes a Union. It’s a joyous notion to have factors that determine what makes a citizen of a certain Union. For Myanmar, it is the fact that over one hundred ethnic groups live together in harmony.
State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi made a speech on 6 February at the stake-driving ceremony for the Thanlwin Bridge (Tarsan) in east Shan State, saying: “We can take more pride in the fact that our country is made up of a diverse collection of ethnic people. A country that has its diverse citizens living in harmony has powerful inner strengths. While our internal and external physical strengths may not be as strong as they should be, we are nevertheless striving for cultivating our mental fortitude.”
Both a country and a person possess physical and mental capacities, and of these, mental capabilities are more important. No matter how fit a person is physically, without mental fortitude to support it there will be no satisfying results. If we cannot cultivate our mental strengths, then we will be segregated. This is why the State Counsellor constantly urges the people to nurture and grow their mental capabilities.
A country united in spirit will be immune to all forms of disintegration and can overcome any challenges thrown its way. Our ethnic brothers and sisters have their significant physical prowess, but we all need to further empower our close relations and work together hand-in-hand.
We have all been living in this country for thousands of years, but we were once divided due to various circumstances. Though most of our past issues have been resolved, our mental strengths have been diminished. We must cultivate trust and compassion to remedy this predicament.
Therefore, for Myanmar to stand tall and proud in the middle of the global stage, we must employ our collective strength to prevent the disintegration of the Union, preserving ethnic solidarity and safeguarding our sovereignty.

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