We must establish an inclusive society for the nation to flourish

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  • Everyone around the world is working hard for equal rights and opportunities. The need to endeavor for equality is because there is still a lot of discrimination among people. The truth is, all people are equal. But, some humans continue to segregate others on the basis of wealth and status.
    Since ancient times, people have separated each other into groups of different social status, sects, and lineages that have resulted in some of the worst abuse and perpetuated inferiority in many. Yet, despite the advances in technology and civilization as a whole, the modern world is still fraught with discrimination. There is discrimination based on wealth, gender and disability.
    Among these segregations, people living with disabilities (PLWDs) are outcasted the most when it comes to education and employment opportunities. This is why Myanmar has enacted laws and bylaws in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and is working tirelessly to implement the rights ensured in these laws.
    There are many reasons for disabilities. A person can be born with them or they could be the result of an unfortunate incident. Regardless, they are still people with the same beating hearts and thoughtful brains as the global population. Lack of empathy and wisdom can lead to PLWDs ostracized by their communities.
    However, PLWDs have a greater resilience than the average person and work extra hard to take their place in society. Though they may be ‘disabled’ they are very much capable.
    The Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (2018-2030) has three pillars in its framework and the third pillar focuses on people and planet with goal 4 specifically targeting towards human resources and social development for a 21st Century society. This includes everyone, including PLWDs. Their success in education, careers and other aspects of life will be supported through the MSDP.
    The development plan also includes financial support programmes for PLWDs and the unemployed. Relevant ministries and organizations have formed committees and are pursuing the objectives outlined in MSDP.
    Because of socioeconomic inequality, PLWDs are more vulnerable to poverty and lack access to many opportunities that every citizen is entitled to. But now, the government is pressing onward with laws and bylaws that guarantee equality for PLWDs and the same gusto from the community has pushed development for people living with disabilities to a satisfying degree.
    Slowly but surely, people of all races, faiths and physical or mental impairments will be fully integrated into society and become part of the valuable human resource that serves as the foundation of a strong democratic federal republic.
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