We must exercise common sense when using social media

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  • A large number of people across the globe are using social media nowadays, and Facebook remains the most widely used social networking site. Searching for information, communicating with friends, sharing knowledge, and interacting with the business, social, and political aspects of society, all of these can be done easily and conveniently on Facebook.
    While it hasn’t been long since Facebook arrived in Myanmar, it is already a part of the daily lives of the young and old alike. Ninety per cent of people with Internet access use Facebook in Myanmar, which means over 20 million people use it daily. More than just a platform for sharing, Facebook can create success stories and fame.
    But, like everything, there are positives and negatives to using social media. While social media can be a platform for communication and sharing, it can also be used as a tool to swindle, destroy, spread hatred, or attack people or organizations. We must keep this in mind and remember that social media is a platform, an intermediary for social and business transactions, and benefits.
    Social media is an expansive platform for spreading thoughts, general knowledge, perspectives, findings, humor, accomplishments, progress, among other things. What’s more, it is easily accessible. This makes it simple for people to showcase their talents and also provides benefits for observers.
    However, since social media is accessible to everyone, we must use our reasoning skills to discern what is true and what is false, and whether it is actually beneficial. In a network with a large number of users, there will be both helpful individuals and pessimistic troublemakers. There will also be fabricators and people who launch deliberate attacks against an individual or organization.
    We must be careful not to encourage or participate in actions that could harm the public, damage social and health-related programs, harass others, cause racial, religious, or personal harm, undermine someone, involve illegal trade, and invade privacy and freedom, or be outright rude on social media.
    Social media can bring multiple benefits to the people. We just need to use our rational thinking and common sense to avoid the negatives and utilize the positives.
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