We must participate in developmental processes with a global perspective

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  • The Earth is our home. It provides us with the means to live. We must, therefore, strive for the perpetuation of peace and equality and equitable distribution of wealth so the Earth can continue to provide us with benefits necessary for our existence.
    Peace is currently the first priority across the world. We must bring about peace first so we can achieve equality and then work to ensure wealth is enjoyed by all people. Peace, equality, and equitable distribution of wealth are essential components of global sustainable development.
    If every country can achieve peace and equality, then cooperation for achieving equitable distribution of wealth will increase, and this, in turn, will benefit not only the concerned country, but the entire world. People from around the world are gradually coming to realize this fact. Myanmar must also become more involved in the global push for sustainable development.
    Currently in the modern world, intolerance is on the rise and trust is declining. But, many countries with internal conflicts are waking up to the benefits of peace. Recent talks in Yemen have opened up opportunities for peace in the region. Ethiopia and Eritrea have put aside years of conflict and signed an agreement in Riyadh, which will lead to better opportunities in the region. A peace agreement has revitalized chances for peace in Sudan. These underdeveloped countries now have a chance at achieving wealth in the future.
    Myanmar must take note of these developments. People living in ethnic regions must to be able to move freely, find peaceful and beneficial employment, be able to participate in the regional development processes, and enjoy economic opportunities. The citizens of this country have been yearning for these things for over 70 years.
    The entire world is beginning to accept that peace cannot be achieved by force. The different factions in Myanmar, too, have agreed to work hand-in-hand for peace. On the road to peace, we must nurture mutual understanding and offer assistance to each other, as we are all like passengers on one boat moving towards the same objective.
    We must be cautious of the fact that if we do not share the same views on the end-goal of the peace process, then we may move further from the dream we have long cherished. We must head towards our common aim of a democratic federal union and eradicate causes of civil unrest. We must cultivate understanding, trust, and the ability to negotiate and compromise.
    At a time when all the countries of the world are working for global peace, Myanmar must do away with use of armed force to resolve internal issues, if it does not want to be left behind. We urge everyone not to just think about their own area or community, but to adopt a global perspective that can help us as we join the effort towards world peace.
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