We must work together with honesty and trust

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  • “I would like to urge all the national people to strive with goodwill for the building of a democratic federal union, for peace, prosperity, and modernization of the union, and for everyone to enjoy the fruits of democracy regardless of the states and regions they reside in,” said President U Win Myint, in his message to commemorate the 71st Independence Day yesterday.
    There is much to take note of in the President’s message. It encourages us to be united in goodwill and kindness as we strive to develop our nation, and instill peace and prosperity throughout the land as we continue to establish a democratic federal union in the present age.
    The essential components to a free, independent Myanmar are a successful peace process and the establishment of a democratic federal union. To achieve these objectives, all citizens need to unite in goodwill and genuine kindness. This fact must be expounded at every opportunity. The third 21st Century Panglong Conference has been successfully convened for strengthening national reconciliation and peace.
    The conference has reached agreements on democratic practices and federal principles. As we move towards ensuring peace and democracy, we must strive together with pure goodwill and genuine kindness. Once we achieve both lasting solidarity among the national races and national reconciliation, with actions based on mutual trust, understanding, and cooperation, we will, without a doubt, succeed in establishing a peaceful democratic federal union, an ideal we are all wishing for and working towards.
    The main ingredient for ensuring the success of the peace process and building a democratic federal union is mutual trust. We must shun discrimination and thoughts of prejudice. One way to achieve this is to inculcate sympathy, loving-kindness, and patience. By doing so, we will be able to build a promising future. We must cast away suspicion and nurture complete trust as we work together to find solutions. With complete solidarity among the nation’s races, we must strive together for the emergence of a constitution drafted in accordance with democratic practices and federal principles that suit our nation.
    In conclusion, just as the President urged, we, the citizens of the Union of Myanmar, must strive to achieve the best in our respective spheres so that our country can stand firmly and proudly on the global stage, with resolute ethnic solidarity and lasting sovereignty.
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