“We need to focus on research if we are to keep up with technological advances in the international arena”;

Roundtable discussion held on the ways and means in carrying out the research activities by the students

Professor Dr. Thae Maung Maung

The MRTV broadcast round table discussion on the ways and means being carried out at the research activities by the students. The panelists are Dr. Than Htaik Soe, Principal of BEHS (11) in Aung Myay Thar San Township, Mandalay Region; Professor Dr. Ni Ni Than, Chemistry Department of Yangon University; Rector Dr. Theingi, Technological University (Thanlyin); Dr. Than Than Win, Deputy Director-General of Higher Education Department; Dr. Phyu Phyu Win, Deputy Director-General, Department of Research and Innovation; Dr. Thae Maung Maung, Professor (Head of Department), Department of UAV Research, Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University (MAEU).

Written by Naing Lynn Kyi

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(Continued from the article appeared on 22 January

Moderator: Please explain on the view of the Department of Research and Innovation.

Dr. Phyu Phyu Win: For the students at the Basic Education High Schools, we introduced interesting research subjects at the science exhibitions and raised their interests.
We have several plans to support and assist research from the first year to the final year at the university level, and the last two-three months of the final year are mostly dedicated to do practical research.
For the Ph. D and Masters’ Degree, the students visited our university as we have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with other universities in carrying out such research works. We allowed the students to use all the devices and paraphernalia of our university.

Moderator: Please explain the objectives of Cooperation among Universities in doing research.

Dr. Phyu Phyu Win: Technology is very much vital for the development of a country, and that we need to carry out research and innovative works.
Therefore, we have implemented the collaboration works with the University Research Institute involving many professionals in the research field doing diverse tasks for the development of the country. Such collaboration has benefitted in many ways including solving the problems as well as reducing the cost incurred for the research works.

Elevating in creation
While engaging in the collaboration work, they have acquired the team work experience, elevating the capability, enriching information, and raising new ideas, and above all, it raises the self confidence of the students.
Moreover, their capability in the research works is being elevated, enabling them to write and read research papers of international standard, getting the benefits of copyrights and at the same time uplifting the image of the university.

Assisting Research Works
Our department could provide in the research for renewable energy such as that of solar energy and bio gas including the lighting with the construction of batteries, and also in the technology of electronic research.
We could also provide that of chemical base agricultural produce, that of medicinal plants, and that of Nano-technology, and that of the required equipments for the practical research works.
Moderator: Please explain the stages for the university level and the state level with regards to the research works for national development.

Dr. Thae Maung Maung: In carrying out the research works, all the past experiences and the endeavors being carried out by the senior faculty members as well as the international trends are extend and spread out for study and discussions.
First the faculty members started the research works and then the students followed as necessary. We need to focus on research if we are to keep up with technological advances in the international arena.

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Working on the development tasks
When choosing a topic, it is necessary to choose the theme that covers all subjects related to many universities so that the research work would bring better benefits and support the interest of the nation.
The Department of UAV Research, Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University (MAEU), has already created own design on unmanned aerial vehicle of seven types and now in practical use for the country such as that for the use in survey of lands, for the use in spraying pesticides for the farm lands, and the crop surveys.
In our research department, we have experimented the flight for (20) miles without a pilot, and that starting from 2014 we have flown the unmanned aerial vehicle for (192) kilometers in the assessment for mapping out aerial survey for the construction of (500) KVA high powered line of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy from Toungoo to Phayar Gyee.
By using the unmanned aerial vehicle as a new technology, we are taking aerial survey of detailed information and mapping. These innovation tasks are beneficial to the country.
In the aftermath of Bagan earthquake, we have contributed in the tasks such as that of the survey in the whole of Bagan-Nyaung U area, the damage assessment, the supporting data and information for world heritage at the request of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, and the Ministry of Education.
Moreover, in collaboration with the INGOs and the FAO, we have constructed four unmanned aerial vehicles for the use of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation in crop survey.
Likewise, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, we are involved in the disaster management and relief works and damage assessment survey in Magyay Region, Chin State and Bago Region.
We are also assisting the Ministry of Construction in the survey of sites for the construction of bridges.
Recently at the request of the Mandalay City Development Committee, our Ministry of Education is assisting
through our department in the survey of (48,000) acres over Mandalay Metropolitan in the production of aerial mapping, in connection with the tasks that of city development plans, that of smart city scheme, and e-government.
These are the university level research tasks being undertaken for the benefits and advantages of the country.
Our research works with regards to unmanned aerial vehicles are collaborating with the government departments as well as local and foreign companies through the methods of PPP system, and moreover, our department is contributing revenues to the country’s coffer through the project implementation tasks.

Moderator: Kindly fill in more information if there is any.

Dr. Theingi: For all the greater good of the students at the basic education level as well as university level, we are desirous for the creation of the Research Support Center in the country.
Moreover, a strong research committee should be established in quest of soliciting research funds locally as well as from foreign countries.
The last wish and desire is the formation of a broader National Research Council by rallying round all the research entities in the country in carrying out research activities with unity, harmony and strength.
Moderator: Thank you very much.

Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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