We need to vaccinate five million of population per month: Senior General

The double infection rate would decline in Myanmar through utmost efforts and cooperation, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the sixth coordination meeting on prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 at the hall of Bayintnaung Villa in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
In his opening speech, the Senior General said: “I have led the coordination meeting of COVID-19 for six times. As work progress has been gaining momentum, we can see the outbreak of COVID-19 could be controlled to some extent. We saw regions and states could control the infection of the disease. We are monitoring the disease. As the Vice-Chairman of the committee also closely supervises and solve the difficulties in the prevention of the disease on a daily basis. That is why success can be achieved. But, it is not enough. During the period from the start to the second week of July, the infection rate of the disease was still high. Now, the infection rate is declining to some 30 per cent. I have noted at the meeting that all should not be satisfied with the decline of the infection rate. We need to strive for more declining numbers of the infection rate. For the first point, it is necessary to control the travelling. And, the second will be the rapid injection of the vaccines. I have noted it. As we restrict the travelling, the infection rate was indicated with the remarkably declining numbers. It is based on public cooperation. I want to see the double-declining of the infection rate in August. We need to strive for declining the double infection rate in August. But, it is difficult to totally decline the rate. Medical professionals from the international community accepted the disease cannot be clearly faded out from the world. However, the double infection rate would decline in Myanmar through utmost efforts and cooperation.”
The Senior General continued to say that efforts are being made not only to import the vaccines but also to manufacture the vaccines in the country. Other countries conduct their traditional medicines on tests for use as the COVID-19 vaccines. So, Myanmar needs to research the vaccine with the use of medicinal plants. As such, it is necessary to cooperate with Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners for conducting systematic researches in the long run.

As work progress has been gaining momentum, we can see the outbreak of COVID-19 could be controlled to some extent. We saw regions and states could control the infection of the disease. We are monitoring the disease.

The Senior General said that it is necessary to control the rising of prices for basic foodstuffs although restricted transportation and job opportunities cause hiking of some commodity prices. The disease control measures are being broadcast on TV and radio. Raising health awareness for the disease should be performed in the wards and villages in the evening and early morning for controlling the infection of the disease to some extent.
The Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Prime Minister and meeting participants discussed control of the infection rate from the third week of July with declining of the infection rate, vaccination for more than 100,000 people on 1 August alone, plans to vaccinate more than 50 per cent of the population at the end of this year, donations of COVID-19 aid for prevention, control and treatment by ASEAN countries, friend countries, UN agencies and social organizations, import of prevention, control and treatment equipment through airlines, border regions, ports and border gates, inflow of oxygen from foreign countries to Yan and Mandalay regions, vaccinations at all prisons, running of aviation, waterway, rail transport and road transport as usual, production and distribution of oxygen from public hospitals, military hospitals, State-owned and private factories, declining of date rate based on COVID-19 and other diseases in regions and states, production of basic household medicines from State-owned, Tatmadaw and private companies, submission of the vaccinated lists to the central committee, daily acceptance of Myanmar citizens at land border posts and arrangements for them to return home.
In his response, the Senior General urged all to contact the international community for ensuring the continuous availability of vaccines. If necessary, the State will arrange the loan for the purchase of vaccines and researching the production of the vaccines. Rapid action must be taken against those who spread the rumours which may be harmful to the health and basic needs of the people. If necessary, Tatmadaw vehicles can be used for the safe transport of foreign returnee Myanmar citizens to their native lands.
In his concluding remarks, the Senior General said: “Primarily, it is necessary to correctly and rapidly vaccinate the people. As we set an aim to vaccinate 50 per cent of the total population at the end of this year, we need to vaccinate five million of the population per month. Now, vaccines are enough for five million people per month. But, it is necessary to calculate the amounts of vaccines to be given to the people in the coming months. We have three sources to get the vaccines. We need to sign the contracts with a sure source. We have enough funds for such a project. So, the Union Minister for Health must carefully calculate the plan and coordinate with the Vice-Chairman. We need to seek the vaccines. But, we must pour out the efforts for the work process.”
The Senior General stressed the need to contact the countries which can continuously supply vaccines to Myanmar. Among ASEAN countries, Myanmar stands fifth in infection rate and third in death rate. It shows the weakness in the health sector of the country as well as lesser health awareness of the people. Myanmar’s life expectancy is 67.78 years, which is the lowest among the ASEAN countries. Hence, it is necessary to raise the health condition of the country with farsightedness. Officials need to manage the prices of foodstuffs across the nation while encouraging the farmers to grow crops on all sown acreage. Only when people consume nutritious foods, will they have high immunity to contribute to good health conditions.
As most of the deaths are based on damages to the lung triggered by COVID-19, those suffering from lung, heart and diabetes may face death. Hence, health awareness should be raised for people not to use cigarettes.
Local pharmaceutical factories need to manufacture a sufficient volume of necessary household medicines so as to ease the frets of the people. Officials need to supervise the pharmaceutical factories not to face a shortage of raw materials for production. The State will assist with monetary affairs for the production of vaccines for the prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19. Necessary bank loans will be arranged for the recovery of businesses based on the outbreak of COVID-19.
As the use of oxygen is with the purpose of hospitals and factories, users need to abide by the instruction of health officials. Officials were urged to closely supervise the security of villages and wards, and submit necessary measures to the superior in time. —MNA

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