We need to work, cooperate each other to improve the medical standard: Prof Aung Ye Oo

Yankin Children’s Hospital has successfully conducted about 1,800 heart surgeries as from 2012.
A medical team led by Cardiac surgery specialist Prof Aung Ye Oo and professors from Myanmar also  achieved a  further historic landmark on 5th March, with successful operation on Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein.
Ministry of Health and Sports arranged the operation, providing assistance to it.
Regarding the operation, Myanma News Agency interviewed Union Minister for Health and Sports Dr Myint Htwe and Prof Aung Ye Oo.
Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe

Dr Myint Htwe
Dr Myint Htwe. Photo: MNA

Q: How did the Ministry of Health and Sports provide to this operation?
A: We received good ideas from Dr U Tin Myo Win because he is also a surgeon and we drew a detailed plan to arrange this operation. Not only this operation, specialists and surgeons from the US, England, Singapore, Korea and Germany have conducted surgeries and liver and kidney transplant operations in  Myanmar. Our ministry has a plan to step  up our efforts for providing such kind of health care services to  the people.
Professor Aung Ye Oo

Q: How did you prepare for cardiac operation of Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein?
A: First, Ministry of Health and Sports contacted me to carry out cardiac surgery for  the Yangon Region Chief Minister after discussing with Chairman of Peace Commission Dr Tin Myo Win, Dr Than Htike Aung and Prof Daw Win Win Kyaw. I received health records of the Chief Minister. After discussion, we decided to conduct the operation in Yangon.

Professor Aung Ye Oo
Prof Aung Ye Oo. Photo: MNA

Q: How did you cooperate with each other to achieve success in this operation?
A: Team work plays an important role in carrying out  major operations. Planning is also important for that. Thanks to the detailed planning and preparations made by the Health Department and doctors and nurses of the Yankin Children’s Hospital, we achieved success in this operation.
Q: How is the condition of the Yangon Region Chief Minister following the operation?
A: He is in good condition. Today, he is practicing respiration exercises and he is even walking today. He will be discharged from the hospital after five or seven days.

Q: Please let me know your opinion about differences between the health care services in Myanmar and foreign countries.
A: I see more equipment in Myanmar today compared with  four to five years ago because I have carried out operations here occasionally since four to five years ago.
Staff of the hospital have worked hard, but still need to improve their skills compared with the professionals in England and western countries. Some equipment are required for the hospital. The most important thing is we need to work and cooperate with each other as a team to improve the medical standard of Myanmar.  But, I have seen  that health care in Myanmar is getting better.
Q: Please let me know if you teach and disseminate knowledge on medical services to others during your stay in Myanmar.
A: I graduated from the Medical College-1 in Yangon in 1988 and went to England. My father is a retired special surgeon. His name is Dr U Ye Myint. Whenever I visited my father living  in Myanmar, I was thinking to help Myanmar. When Prof Daw Win Win Kyaw started to carry out cardiac surgery operations at  the Yangon Children’s Hospital, I came here and helped them. I taught cardiac surgery to others from one to three times a year in Myanmar. I  also taught post-graduate doctors in Myanmar and conducted examinations. I also gave talks on  health at conferences in Myanmar.
Q: Do you think that the ratio between the heart patients and cardiac specialists in Myanmar is okay?
A: In Myanmar which has a population of more than 50 million, there are less than 10 cardiac surgeons. In England which has has a population of 66 million, there are more than 350 cardiac surgeons and 36 cardiac care units. Myanmar needs to draw 20-year or 30-year long-term plan to produce professionals in medical care field related with heart.—Myanmar News Agency

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