We want youths to have a good time in simplest way during Myanmar traditional Thingyan Festival

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Myanmar traditional Thingyan festival, one of the Myanmar 12-season festivals is coming soon, so Myanmar Police Force is performing tasks of reducing crimes, anti-drug suppression for the people to merrily participate during the festival and arrangements for people to safely travel in Thingyan period.
Here is the interview with the responsible officials of Myanmar Police Force concerning the performances of traffic control board.

Police Colonel Shwe Nyar Maung (Head of Anti-drug Police Force)
Since early March this year, nationwide knowledge-sharing talks are being held in respective regions. Concurrently these performances are being described in social media pages.
And, anti-drug suppression troops will be deployed at Thingyan pandals and crowded places to keep drug-abuses and pushing drugs under surveillance. Dangers of the drug are spreading not only in Thingyan Festival but also all the time in Myanmar and across the world.
As an operation to increase the momentum of suppressing drugs, anti-drug suppression police force has been formed as of 8th August, 2013, expanding from 26 anti-drug suppression police forces to 50 forces.
During 2016 Thingyan Festival, there were 94 cases of seizure of narcotic drugs and 130 culprits arrested. Totally, 2.18 kilo of opium, 0.127 kilo of heroin, 33100 amphetamine tablets, “Ice” brand 31.1649 kilo and other kinds of narcotic drugs were seized.
Various kinds of drugs including sex stimulant drugs are being smuggled into the country from neighboring countries in many types—liquid, tablet and powder and in many brands.
These drugs are colorless and tasteless. So these are very dangerous. Provided that females happen to take it mixed with food, those girls’ lives are likely to be completely ruined, hence the need to protect them from danger from the side of youths, parents and guardians.
During the festival, young girls should visit about the town together with guardians and brethren.
Police Lt-Col Tin Win
(Acting Director of the Department of Administration,
Myanmar Police Force)
Myanmar Police Force has drawn up the security plan for the Thingyan Festival from Pre-festival day to the Myanmar New Year Day. Security forces are to be deployed at the religious edifices, pagodas and stupas, theme parks and amusement parks, shopping centers, market places, airport, railway-stations and crowded places. CCTVs will be installed at Thingyan pandals and important places. Besides, security work will be increased at the international airport, harbors, the entrance and exit gates at border line.
Performances of prevention, arrests, holding educational talks for reducing crimes and rule of law in 15 regions and states including Nay Pyi Taw will be made. And, after receiving the approvals of Thingyan Festival supervision committees of different levels at regional, state, district and township police stations, instructions for the public to follow at pandals will be issued. As for parents and brethren, they need to control their offspring not to wear indecent costumes which are not suitable for Myanma Culture. In 2016 Thingyan’s 5-day period, there were 967 cases of accidents and crimes including 272 casualties and 1086 injured. Of them, 359 car accidents topped the chart, followed by 119 assaults and batteries. Most were found to be attributed to intoxication and excessive joy. In 2017, prevention works are being carried out for reducing crimes during Thingyan Festivals in Nay Pyi Taw, Regions and States, taking actions against one case of arresting sexual stimulant drugs, 34 cases of drug-abuse, 366 excise cases, 170 cases of holding arms illegally and 20 cases of piracy of videos, 902 cases in all. Those are being to be arrested.

Police Major Daw Kathy Tun, (Myanmar Police Force) (traffic control board)
Generally, people are excessively overjoyed during these days they especially drivers need to drive vehicles with great care. They need not to be intoxicated while driving, assuming that they are taking responsibilities of ensuring safety of those on board. Regarding motor-cycle driving, I want to say that motor cycles are two-wheeled vehicles without any cover and protection against danger. Oil which leaks on roads and water can make a vehicle turn over, so it needs to avoid driving over-speed, driving with more than two on motor cycles, driving without helmets on, drunk driving and driving motor cycles with exhaust unfastened to the extent of making public nuisances. Next, pedestrians need to pay attention to dangers of traffic which can cause unexpectedly on roads and at pandals. They had better to walk on road-side pavement. Actions will be taken against those who violate the traffic rules, since prior to 2 weeks ahead of the festival.



Aung Ye Thwin & Myo Thu Hein

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