We warmly welcome the city reforms

Yangon city is very much crowded as this is where most of the key business centers are located. With the dense population, it is facing many urban challenges in living, education, transport, housing, public health and social welfare matters. Though successive governments had tried to solve these problems, effective solutions had not yet been achieved.
Recently it has been heard that a new system of bus service will be introduced for Yangon city dwellers to make it more convenient for them to do their daily commutes to their jobs and in performing their daily routines. We hope that this new initiative to reform the Yangon city transport system will meet the approval of the Yangon populace.
Previously, a complicated myriad of bus lines had undisciplined bus lines, some of which annoyed and did frightening threats to passengers. In answer to these intolerable deeds, some citizen activists tried to counter these intolerable acts by forming citizens’ action groups.
At such a time, the arrangement of the Yangon Region Cabinet to fulfill the needs of the people is a sign of virtue. Accordingly, it is incumbent upon the active participation of the newly assigned responsible personnel to successfully implement the system of new bus lines.
Under the committee for the supervision of multi-vehicle lines in the Yangon Region, there were 18 organisations of lorry and trucks and over 300 bus lines plying the streets of Yangon. Now, nearly 60 bus lines, in which bus lines on the same route have been systematically combined, will launch their operation under the new system of bus lines.
The present new bus line system involves the purchase and substitution of new buses and setting up of public-owned bus lines after abolishing previous one, merging bus lines on respective routes into groups systematically, paving the way for the emergence of public-owned bus lines with investment from the government and reforming of existing bus lines.
In doing so, the disciplined bus lines plying previously as well, should take part in the new system to be formed in accord with necessary guidelines and rules. As for car owners who used to neglect the interest of passengers except for earning hefty profits, they should now not only select and appoint polite, patient and skilled drivers and conductors but also check and examine carefully as to whether these employees follow the relevant rules and regulations in performing their duties or not.
Out of the people living in Yangon Region, about 2 million are travelling by buses plying in the different areas, thus patience and driving skills play an important role in providing good and efficient transport services. Likewise, passengers should take an active part in the successful implementation of the new plan by travelling in discipline as good citizens.

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