We welcome the “National Education Strategic Plan,” with open arms!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • As known by all, our country had seen many hardships, problems and sufferings for over half of a century, though it gained its Independence in 1948. We would not like to blame any longer who was responsible for it, because it would surely turn to past regimes and those involved in their administrative machineries. In fact, lack of knowledge that people have rights for freedom of expression and being overwhelmed by fear to disclose these rights can be said to be attributed to living under these regimes for long. Shouting, “It is time to change,” people chose the NLD led government. In other words, we n the ow have the government we deserve, to coin a phrase “A country has a government it deserves.” It will take time, or rather several decades to change the deteriorating situations of the country. Nobody can deny that allocating more funds for the education and health sectors can lift up the status of a country. As seen by us, countries that lagged behind us in everything developed more than our status by giving more attention and providing more funding for the education and health sectors.
    At the ceremony for launching the “National Education Strategic Plan” held in Nay Pyi Taw on February 23, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi told the audience that in the next five years, Myanmar’s education system must be changed, for young students and all adults to get an access to life-long learning and to acquire job opportunities. We need to understand that a Plan cannot be implemented in a moment. Success of a plan cannot be achieved in a moment, just by chanting, “Abracadabra,” as in fairy stories.
    The State Counsellor added, “Changes are to be started foremost from the education sector. All are required to adopt the National Education Strategic Plan and to consider which factors are mainly needed for successful implementation. In acquiring education, the most important thing is to have a desire to learn. It is incumbent for teachers and those in the leading role of implementing educational policies that has been adopted, to instill in their hearts the desire to learn. Teachers must also have the urge to learn and desire to learn for the whole life, so that similar desires will develop in the minds of students. For this, it is necessary for all participants to aim for success.”
    “All those in the leading role in implementing education projects, need to bear in their minds that they themselves still have many things to learn. If they thought that they know all and had learnt all, they would no longer be able to learn. Only teachers who want to know and teach themselves and leading persons in the projects will be able to guide citizens to aspire for learning. The desire to learn starts from humility that we still need much to learn. And, we need to have a belief that we have the ability to do anything we are required to know. Children have the eagerness and belief that they have much to know but if teachers and those in authority fail to encourage their belief, their desire to learn will never develop,” she stressed.
    The State Counsellor’s words highlight the fact that the mind-set of the teaching staff needs to be changed. Most of the teachers at chalk-face think that they had graduated from universities, getting educational attainments—BA, B Sc, B Ed, MA (ABD) and so on, hence no need to proceed to learn, they think. I dare say we can reach our goal as our leaders expected, if we contribute our concerted efforts in the respective sectors we are assigned. There is one condition that internal peace needs to spread throughout the whole nation so that fruits of the National Education Strategic Plan can be enjoyed by all Union citizens living in the nation, including our national ethnic brethren.
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